Ideas and Validation June 2, 2020

Can you recommend an outline of steps for early stage startups to follow?

Kevin T @cckevin

Hey fellow indie hackers!

Can someone here recommend to me a resource (article, guide, book, etc.) that outlines the step-by-step recommended journey for what to do at the very early stages of a startup?

For example:

  1. Do a Lean Canvas
  2. Run experiments
  3. Build successive prototypes with the customer
  4. Figure out revenue model
  5. Figure out Go To market
  6. etc.

Any resource you know of that kind of covers the general steps? Thanks!

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    Startup School by Y Combinator is one of best resources here is their Library of topics. But if you want more structure you can check out their Startup School Sessions this the latest one. But you can check the Startup School Podcast for the old ones which I really recommend listening to because all of them have so much knowledge condensed into them. They have them in video format in their YouTube channel check the Playist section to have them grouped together.

    Hope these help you!

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      Thanks for these awesome links Ali🙏🏼

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        You're welcome, Sjors! Glad to be of help!

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      Thank you i'll check it out!

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        You're welcome and wish you all best, Kevin!

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    Hey @cckevin. This is a great question. I created a course a couple weeks ago tackling some of these issues. It explains how to take your online business from ideation through to scaling and is broken down into 4 lessons. You can grab it HERE completely free!

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      thanks! free resources are always good :)

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        You are very welcome. Let me know if you ever want to chat!