Landing Page Feedback September 25, 2020

Can you tell what my product does?

Adam La Morre @alamorre

So I built a working MVP and the first section of my landing page.

Since my product is a bit different, my goal is to make the landing page extremely clear.

So this is my first experiment: Is my landing page clear?

Please check out my landing page and describe the product back to me..

I'll use the comments as results for this experiment.

You all are the best! Thanks

Once again -

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    It is clear what you do, however the messages need grammatical work.

    React's most simple chat api - If you're going to use this statement, use simplest. Both are grammatically correct but in the English language simplest is best for marketing as it improves the phonetics of the statement.

    React's free chat api - This statement as written means that React owns this chat api. You should not say this.

    React's customizable chat api - Again, React owns this api.

    Consider changing the page a bit to provide all this info without the need for animation that I may or may not stick around long enough to realize exists. Also, don't say Free if it's really a free trial. My suggestion is to try something like:

    Main Heading: React Chat in 12 lines of code

    Subheading: Customize your setup in less than 5 min

    CTA: Start free today

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      Came here to say pretty much all of this, hah. Thanks for taking care of it :)

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        Glad I could help ;)

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      This feedback is very valid - thanks!

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    a chat component in React

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    Embeddable chat app as a react component.

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    I think the product is pretty clear, but the text change happens too slowly IMO, since there's so little things on the page, the user may have closed the page or clicked something before the text changes.

    Another thing, I was reluctant to click "Get chat in 5 minutes", cause it look like a CTA that would take me to the signup page. Since it's a good location for the CTA, perhaps that should lead to the signup page.
    Then, maybe add another link saying "see how to add chat in 12 lines of code" which better communicates that it leads to documentation.

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    What confuses me is how the backend works. Do you need to set it up on your own? Does it use RTC or some stuff like that?

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    It looks like some type of drop in chat component to use with react. I think you need more details on the landing page, maybe move over what you have in the instructions page onto the landing page.

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    Sorry, I didn't understand what it was about. I'm surprised other guys could.

    I don't know. Maybe when the site is polished look, I just assume it is an open source library. But it is a API service right? "React's free Chat API" was confusing too with the word free. I think straight up copying other API companys' site will take you really far even their css framework.

    PS: Haha toronto apartment hunt. Tough finding space here eh.

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      Thanks for being honest - appreciate it!

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    It's prebuilt react components+ API for developers to embed a chat application on their site.

    Telling what your product is fairly easy but I think you need to really think about how you're differentiating yourself from:

    • Existing chat APIs
    • Existing react chat templates

    I'm not your target audience but my two cents is that you shouldn't be building your own API (if you are). The functionality is already going to be covered by other APIs. Build your integration with a 3rd party API and add a premium to your pricing on top of theirs (they're dirt cheap already). Make the components world-class. Customers won't care you built your own and the saving margins aren't going to be significant, focus on building your own once you're making good money.

    Also if it's useful: my experience of working with chat on a few projects is that it's tightly coupled to that project. The design is heavily customised but the API functionality is usually pretty standard. I see you have customisation but it feels like it would be more work to customise yours then to build it myself. If that's not the case this is one of the problems you're solving and should be communicated on the landing page

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      Seems like you know what it is and the feedback is valid - thanks a bunch!

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    A library to help you easily build chat apps in React.js.

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      That's correct - thanks a bunch!

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