May 4, 2019

Can't think of a name for my product


I have created an MVP, but I can't finalize a name for my product. Been spending hours trying to find a short but descriptive name. What do you guys do when it comes to naming your product?

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    Try to tie the name to the essence of the product. It needs to be easy to pronounce, short, concise and pleasant to the eye.
    Describe in detail what the product does and then jot down a couple of descriptive words or phrases. Throw all the possibilities together on a piece of paper and try to look for the final answer there. Who knows maybe the name will be a mashup of 2 words or something that sparkles for you in a matter of a second. It's always easier to turn the process into a long term thing so that you spend all the necessary time to value your product and appreciate the name you give it.

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      Thanks for the advice. Very detailed and helpful!

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    How about ?

    1. 2 - for anyone stumbling upon this later

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      Wow, very useful site. Thanks!

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    I've been using this for forever, and it's always been really useful:

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      This is super helpful. Thanks Kevin!

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    Same here. It was hard time finding a good name.
    Finally I ended up with

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      Hey, Mukesh. Very nice site. Didn't know PubG has gone so viral

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    What is the product about?

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      Yea, it's about a private journal. Thanks for the suggestions!

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    We just-so-happen to have a branding expert doing an AMA next week. I highly recommend that you post your question here:

    Also, it would help a lot if you described a little about what your product does!

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      Thanks Allen. Will post the question there.

      Regarding the product, it's a private journaling application.