Case study: An SaaS for professional trainers (S01E05)

Hi folks,

I joined Indie Hackers only three days ago but I have been vlogging for some time now.

To introduce myself to you here, I'd like to post a video that shows a demo of "Trainer's Joy", the SaaS that I am currently building.


For those of you who teach anything, I invite you to test trainersjoy.com, see if it helps you and send me feedback about it. At the moment, it is still free!

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    Hi @Mattes3, welcome!

    Interesting, guess what I'm in the early stages of? https://www.indiehackers.com/product/no-name-yet-course-building-software

    I watched your video and am very excited: you get what I'm thinking in terms of instructional design. Interestingly, the things I was going to focus on were the things that you were missing, for example at the end you mentioned a schedule. Mine (conceptually) builds in timing right from the start. As well, mine includes provisions for multiple trainers (for example, a ski school where you have 25 students and 3 instructors).

    I would really like to talk more with you on this!

    Kind regards

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      HI antarctican,

      wow, what a coincidence that we both work on similar ideas!

      Indeed, I thought that building a schedule is a minor problem for a trainer, provided that (s)he knows exactly what s(he) wants to teach. However, I might be mistaken in this point.

      Multiple trainers? Yes, my solution allows trainers to collaborate on the same training project, as a team. People can invite others to their own team.

      Did you already talk to trainers to validate the problem or the solution? If so, what did they say?


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        I am an IT business owner. As a side recreational activity, I am part of a team of trainers. We teach offroad driving, navigation, communications, trailering, safety, overlanding, etc for a non-profit association. I help develop some of the course material, so I get feedback from my team of about a dozen trainers. We have a number of courses we've created, and are constantly creating more.

        As well, one of our team members works for a large industrial company, and they have a specific process that they use to create job descriptions and tooling process documentation. If you can accurately describe what skills are needed for a tool, you've effectively created its job description for the person using it.

        Think of it this way, if you consider a piano a tool, and create all of the documentation on how to use it, you've created a "job description" for not only the pianist, but this naturally leads to creating a course on how to train them.

        If you can document the learning goals and objectives, added time and resources in the mix, you have a course.

        My product idea is very similar to what you do, but with some added components. What you've done is the "middle" to my "start" and "end". It's almost a match made in heaven I must say.

        We do our training in the outdoors, not in a classroom. We pack a large amount of topics into a single day with multiple trainers, so we have to keep to a schedule and know who is doing what and when. Perhaps a music teacher that teaches 3 students at once may not need all of these features, but they will be optional of course.

        I must admit, on one hand I'm excited to share what my product will do, but on the other hand we both know that we as people are very much tied into the ownership of our own ideas. I am more likely to collaborate than to compete. Are you open to further discussion on this possibility? We can take this to a private channel if you like.

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          Wow, this dialogue gets increasingly interesting. Yes, we can switch to a more private channel. My email address is in my profile on this platform. Just send me a message, and we'll get going.


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