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🎉 Celebrate Each Other's Blogs!

Jordan Hopkins @HopsWrites

Please reply with your newest (or favorite) post. Then, like and share some feedback on others blogs.

It would be cool to see what other Indie Hackers are writing about.

I'm excited to share the new home of Scripture Sauce using Ghost as my CMS!

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    Love this idea of celebrating each other's blogs 🥳

    I'm slowly getting back into the wonderful world of blog post writing, currently experimenting with sharing some of the "problems" and "ideas" I've been thinking about:

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      Great site. Built your bookshelf idea a while back. Never launched it. :)

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        It's a great site that you can pick up - Choose a niche and write about those books

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          :) thanks for the follow. :)

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      awesome posts! Thanks for sharing!

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      These pages are awesome! I'm going to add an ideas page to my site too.

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        yay for finding inspirations in each other :D

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    Very cool blogs here! I like this wayy more than the "Let's hack Twitter" posts. Thank you!

    We (@ctw, @Semy and me) write about our indie hacker journeys (what we learned, how we failed, useful tips) every Sunday on Lunadio.

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      Cool idea! I like how you are doing blended media to talk about your journey.

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      lovely! just subscribed to it :)

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    Love this! :)

    I write about understanding and appreciating life more, through creating.

    Topics include entrepreneurship, language learning (from learning 9 languages), music production, food, culture etc.

    Feedback appreciated! You can also find me on Twitter

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      Super clean and nice looking site!

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      Nice site. Very minimalist and simple.

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      I'm French.
      I read your croissant article.
      I love your blog.


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        Thank you so much, Mattheiu! That means a lot to me :')

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    Love all these blogs, so I might as well throw mine into the mix!

    I recently wrote a post about the healing power of nature, right next to my side-project journal about the fun API I built. It's my personal blog that intentionally includes my half-baked thoughts and ideas.

    It's a Gatsby blog powered by Markdown (no CMS at the moment), and I'm loving building it

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      Nice blog, really liked it. I read "Levels of Learning", and I disagree which most of it, which is exactly what I search! I love when my assumptions are questioned.

      Keep up the good work!

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        Love that! It was something that jumped into my brain and I word vomited it into a blog post. Would love to hear your thoughts!

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      Loved the piece but also really like your site!!

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      Good stuff Saalik! I'm not normally a huge nature person, but the piece resonated :)

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    I just wrote about how tracking my habits for 3 years helped me.

    Check it out and let me know if you have any feedback!

    I also write book summaries on this website, you can keep up to date on new book summaries by following me on Twitter

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      Love this, and the visuals! Thanks for sharing!

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      Really interesting and 3 years definitely shows dedication on your part! I liked your point on habit stacking, I'm going to try this.

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        Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Let me know how it works for you!

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      Super cool! What app was that? Couldn't find a link to it.

      Loved all the screenshots to break up the text.

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      This is great stuff! So much discipline :D

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    I just launched 2.0 version of my blog and nearly finished writing my journey migrating from Wordpress+Digitalocean to Gatsby+Netlify.

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      Really like that you include book notes as blog posts, I might start doing that too. And super clean design, I like it!

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      very clean look, I dig it :)

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      Your website looks great !

      This blog post is especially relevant for me :

      Thanks for creating and sharing this !

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    This past week we published a new blog post on how someone used our product to see 5x growth in 6 months! It was really exciting to see someone achieve that kind of success.

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      Cool, thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for suggesting this! Excited to check out some of these blogs 👀

    I recently launch Venture by Design — it's the design blog and newsletter written for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit... not only for designers. It's written for open-minded entrepreneurs who enjoy learning from the expertise of those outside of their own domain.

    The newest post is about the notion of 'invisible design,' and how it can be leveraged throughout an entire product or even organization. Check it out here:

    Subscribe for a free, non-intrusive, monthly newsletter with real value 🙌

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      Love your minimal blog! Subscribed and looking forward to future updates! (I'm a fellow Ghost user too...which theme are you using?)

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        Thanks, Jordan! I’m using the Maido theme but with some heavy front-end modifications. The creator of this theme has been super responsive and I highly recommend it:

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          Thanks for sharing!

          I am enjoying Lyra so far. I will take more of a look into Fueko's themes.

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    Hey @JHopsWrites, awesome blog dude! Love how you take and translate Bible verses into easy ELI5 content. Definitely enjoyed it!

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      Thanks for the feedback! I try to sneak in some deep context and history in there as well. (-; BTW the site is free to subscribe to and no spam or ads ever on the site.

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    I love discovering other "indie" blogs!! Thanks for starting the thread.

    My latest post was about earning a living with Github Sponsors.

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      Interesting concept, thanks for sharing!

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    Great initiative and a way to learn what other members do! 👏

    I'm writing about my indie hacking journey in a (almost) daily journal and sum up my weekly learning + useful resources in a Sunday newsletter

    I've just embraced public learning so any feedback highly welcomed!

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      Humour in domain names is always appreciated, haha. With yours, Was it intentional? Mine is called

      1. 2

        haha, I totally agree. Dotcom domains look boring to me too.

        About mine, it was an instant buy. Both cheap and funny 😅

        btw I love how minimal your page is!

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      Jim, I really like your daily journal but I REALLY like how your logo spins as you scroll! lol Kind of random but it really caught my attention..

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        haha thanks a lot, man! The spin is my 2nd favorite feature just before the multiple "dark" mode functionality

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          Dang I didn't even realize that! That's sweet!!

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      Like your blog and initial landing page. What are you using for CMS???

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        Thanks, I really appreciate your comment. I've spent the last two months fine-tuning it daily.

        I'm using GatsbyJS to build this website. Because most of the posts are technical and need custom sections (to preview code solutions) I don't use a CMS.

        I write them on Notion and convert them into markdown on VSCode.

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    Hi Jordan,

    Thanks for creating this topic !

    My contribution to Indie Hacker - as I am new - is to create a reference list of tools and courses for the front-end :

    Anyone can contribute to it.

    Your personal blog posts are welcome if they are relevant for front-end developers !

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      Awesome! Thanks for sharing your site!

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    Here's my blog post about leaving my job during the pandemic!

    Let me know what you think! Ghost is awesome! 😊

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      Agreed Ghost is awesome, thanks for sharing and best of luck pursuing your goals! I enjoy reading posts like this—really motivating.

      1. 1

        Thanks Joseph, really appreciate that you found it motivating! It was such a turning point in my life that I needed to share it! Having a blog was such a great byproduct hahaha!

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      I loved it! Not the sudden change of plans but the realization that this time could be used positively. I'm from Toronto also, so this especially hit home. Have you been sharing ideas? If so, have you found any traction?
      I wish you the best!

      1. 1

        Hi Paolo, I'm currently working on at the moment, and so far, I've been testing it out with friends and family, and have slowly been trying it out in businesses where I know people. Not generating money yet, but that's the goal!

        1. 1

          Crowd Party looks really nice, love the idea. I've been surprised by how few good options there are for distributed casual game nights. Most of the options out there (at least on iOS) are super niche—this feels promising! Design is looking sharp, too.

          1. 1

            Thanks Joseph! My idea was to have something that had lower barrier of entry and could get people laughing in a few clicks! I'm planning to launch next week!

        2. 1

          Cool, I like the games and the premise behind it! Well done.

          1. 1

            Thanks Paolo! Did you have any feedback?

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      Love your clean Ghost theme and tagline for the site!

      1. 1

        Thank you! I was definitely going for more of a Medium vibe!

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      I really enjoyed this. Shared on Twitter too. It's a good reminder that it can be done. Thank you.

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        Awesome! Thanks for sharing, what's you Twitter handle?

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      I love the emotion behind your writing : we can literally feel your joy after "this periode of boredom" as you half-name it !

      The quote i keep with me : "While the world becomes uncertain, I become more certain that this is the best way to accomplish what I’ve always wanted: a pause."

      Wish you the best, enjoy the ride :)

      1. 1

        Thanks @Johan_Bavaud! I've been trying to get better at writing and I'm glad that my emotion speaks through it! Really appreciate it! 😊

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    I write about Project Management and AI.

    I'm using Ghost as well, it's so fast and simple!

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      Very professional looking template! Thanks for sharing.

      1. 1

        Thank you @JHopsWrites, yes it's professional enough for me to stop looking for other templates and focus on writing.

    2. 1

      You. Are. Awesome.
      I’ve been looking for another PM writer. I also have a PM site (and Newsletter); Project Management Five is my site where I post daily with PM and my newsletter is The Stakeholder Report.

      I sub’d to yours, looking forward to what you bring to the space.

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        Wow, nice site, you post several times per day, that's impressive.

      2. 1

        Are you using "Casper" theme? Thanks for sharing your site!

        1. 2

          Yes. It's just the standard theme for now. I've tried all the free ones, and this one still looks the best. If my user-ship goes up I may look at purchasing a different one. But, if it ain't broken...

          1. 1

            I'm in the same place. I'm currently running a customized Lyra theme. I do plan on switching to a Pro theme soon since Lyra does not offer a dynamic menu (it stays linear even on small screens).

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    Trying to get a dev-blog started, but I'm not that good at writing. Could use some help:

  16. 1

    Here's my recent blog posts which I wrote after I crossed 1000 subscribers on my website.

  17. 1

    Cool thread idea!

    My blog is Blogging Guide.

    Lots of free resources!

    1. 1

      @Casey_Botticello this looks amazing! Signed up for the newsletter and looking forward to digging into the content.

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    Cool idea! Link to my Blog and a recent post I am proud of is the release of my Weather Extension v5

  19. 1

    This is a great discussion thread. Would you consider making it a regular (monthly?) occurrence?

    1. 1

      I will set a reminder so I don't forget! :-D

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    We just released our brand new blog. We made an infographic about Influencer Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2020.

    Now it is time to slowly struggle to get at least a couple of readers for feedback. If you have any ideas how we can start marketing it, I am all ears 🤗

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    My latest blog post is for anyone using a relational database and pushing its limits! Here it is:

  22. 1

    My "recent" article about importance of unit/integration testing.

    Next few articles are still in draft version, still in vacation mode :D

    Blog is build with + and hosted on

  23. 1

    I write short book summaries but then I delve deeper into what matters in these books and what are some takeaways that could be applied in life or simply be food for thought. Launched it recently so I'd take any feedback I could get!

  24. 1 I'm blogging about anything I feel like writing about. Its new, I'm new, but it's a way to create a writing habit. I hope to improve as I continue to write.

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    Throwing mine into the mix of all those great blogs.
    It's also on medium if you prefer that

    It's a blog that I started at the same time as I started working on my new project ( Blog posts vary from Python tutorials to philosophical topics of software engineering.

    1. 2

      Thanks for sharing! Would you mind sharing why you publish to Medium in addition to Seamless Cloud? I've been trying to decide whether to double publish my own blog for greater exposure and would love your input. Keep up the great work!

      1. 1

        Hey, thanks for checking out the blog!
        I found this discussion helpful. Most people recommended using both Medium and a standalone blog. Why?
        You need a standalone blog on your website - that's how you get your domain name to be indexed by Google. It's a long and hard work but if done right, your domain will get credibility in Google search and you'll start getting some free organic traffic to your domain. Not to mention you can do anything that you want on your website, while Medium is out of your control.
        At the same time Medium is a good platform for distribution. It's also a more "trusted" domain (I ran some experiments and the conversion to link clicks is much higher if your link is a "Medium" link). They have a feature that allows you to import an article into Medium. That means that even though you copy the content to Medium, for Google links/visits to your Medium page will still attribute to your own blog. You also get a chance for your article to be distributed amongst Medium members.
        So I chose to use the best of both worlds.

        1. 1

          This makes perfect sense, thanks so much for sharing this insight and for the Quora link. I'll be modifying my approach with the next article and also importing previous articles. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain!

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    This is the most popular post I've written - it's a couple of years old but still as relevant as when it was written (possibly more so).

    It's a detailed case study on how I speeded up the (already fast) Downtime Monkey website by 58% - the aim was that people could use it to improve their own website's performance.

  27. 1

    I have a blog about Hackathons, Makeathons and a bunch of other creative marathon events!

  28. 1

    I'm writing about timeless fundamentals for developers here:

    The idea: we should stop focusing on the trend but more on the fundamentals, to learn anything build upon them easily.

  29. 1

    I just wrote 80 Questions to Answer When Starting a New Business which can help you validate your business idea faster. 💡

    I write about my journey of bootstrapping profitable projects as a software engineer. Still lots of work to do on all ends though. ☺️

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    Thank you Indie Hackers for all sharing your unique blogs!

  31. 1

    This is my learning on creating landing page, writing copy and talking to users.

  32. 1

    Good stuff all around!
    I just wrote a comparison piece on architecture school and the movie Dr. Strange. Both big egos with a lot of learning to do!

    1. 1

      Fun newsletter! Loved the dimensions pic comparing Eleven to the Demagorgan (spelling??)

      1. 1

        Thanks Jordan! Ehh the spelling seems about right lol

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    Som many blogs worth reading. Thank you for starting this thread.

    The blog post (a short series actually) is on how to run Known and Matomo on a VPS with Caddy.

  34. 1

    I am writing about Psychology, Lifestyle & my journey as an Indie here at my blog called,

    I just wrote about how the launch of my first Saas product went here.

  35. 1

    I don't often write about general opinion, but I am proud to myself because I wrote this post "Inclusive Content Sharing -" in just half an hour, while English is not my first language.

    I wrote that one the moment I got the inspiration for it

    Will look into others' blogs too

  36. 1

    I wrote about the mindset change that resulted in me having a personal podcast (recording with video). Tomorrow is the premiere btw :D

  37. 1

    I wrote about persisting as a solo founder here: :)

    1. 2

      I like the clean look and bite-sized sections :) good work and keep it up!

  38. 1
    Please share your feedback on this post and product .

  39. 1

    Here's my latest blog post:

    These are my 6 favorite non-fiction books for entrepreneurs.

    Feedback and book recommendations are welcome!

  40. 1

    How-To setup application security for startup software products and services blog:

  41. 1

    Here's my favorite post! People seemed to like it:

    It's less indie-hacky and more philosophical, but it's pretty digestible.

    Hope you enjoy! 😊

    1. 2

      Loved the hand drawings thrown in with philosophy. :-D

      I touched on this topic a month or so ago. Would love your thoughts:

      1. 1

        I think we wrote two very different essays. Personally, I'm more interested in the actual mechanics of Free Will, the nitty gritty details.

        Your post is more about how we can reconcile the image of an all mighty God with the suffering that is present today in the world.

        However, thanks for the nice words!

        1. 1

          For sure! I just thought it was cool our topics had overlapped a little. Thanks again for sharing your blog.

    2. 1

      Haha, I love your drawings!

  42. 1

    Been writing about building SaaS businesses and living a good life :)


    1. 1

      congrats on MRR:) this is an interesting niche. have a similar interest - small businesses. did you have a day-time job at any point building this?

      1. 1

        Thanks! I quit my job before starting.

  43. 1

    Here's my latest blog post:

    I created a guide to completing an initial competitor analysis along with an accompanying template.

    Feedback welcome!

  44. 1

    For side projects:

    Need to get back into blogging a bit more again

  45. 1

    I did some research and found that investing in biotech IPO's didnt 'just' prove to be profitable. I enjoy finding new angles for biotech stocks trading.

  46. 1

    hello! 👋🏻

    My recent favorite post is Creating Randomness Without Math.random

    In JavaScript, you can create random numbers using Math.random(). But what if we wanted to create our own random values in the browser without this function?

    It was so popular (almost #1 on HN) that I'm turning it into a short talk.

    1. 2

      Interesting and well written :) - I could have enjoyed some more math there on why your algorithm is 'random'.

      1. 1

        Thank you! It was a fine balance between mathy and accessible. Great feedback.

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    Hi, I wrote a new post on my wordpress security blog where I talked about the importance of website security for your SEO, It could have a BIGGGGG impact on your Site SEO . In this post i have discussed in detailed about:

    Get reading here -

    What is the SEO impact of an attack on WordPress site?

    To what extent will site security affect your SEO ranking?

    Is the SEO of your website in danger?

    How Does A Hack Can Damage Website SEO?

    WordPress Hacks that can damage your website’s SEO

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    Here’s one of my favorites from this year - it’s about getting your brand to stand out when your audience is under an unrelenting demand for their attention.

    Breaking Through the Shit Filter

  49. 1

    Negotiating your landlord down during this unprecedented time in history: It's pretty cool to see how someone approaches negotiation for something where the risk is you don't have a place to live.

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