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🙌 Celebrate Each Other's Blogs! (Part 2)

Jordan Hopkins @HopsWrites

Round Two!!

Time to celebrate, support, and discover our fellow Indie Hackers' amazing content!

Share a recent post and a little background on it. Then, read and respond to a few other of your creative peers. Follow some new blogs.

Pumping out weekly content is tough. We need each other's support.

My Newest Post [with free eBook!]

I'm super excited about my recent post. It's candid and timely. As well, it offers access to a free mini eBook to say "Thank you!" to my readers. 😄

Would love your feedback! Signing-up is FREE and offers access to bonus content like the eBook.

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    Wow this is so amazing @JHopsWrites..and thanks for the e-book..

    A while back I was getting distracted by almost everything ,that always left me feeling unproductive.So yeah,the other day I discovered afew tricks and decided to write a blog on the same. .I am a starter in blogging and I would love to hear your feedback

    Kind regards Betty

    1. 1

      Hi Betty thanks for sharing your blog! Your site looks professional and fits your industry well.

      Once in a post, I had a hard time at first navigating to your site's home page or the blog itself. I only found it in the footer. Maybe making a prominent navigation bar in the header would help.

      Seems like you've written a lot of content already! Wish you the best!

      1. 1

        Thank you very much @JHopsWrites

        I truly appreciate your feedback,I will work on it

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    This is really cool! I've recently started blogging when something comes to mind. My latest post is about how not buying a dishwasher was actually a blessing in disguise because I got to listen to countless impactful conversations:

    1. 1

      Cool topic and clean blog!

    2. 1

      That's an original article. Loved it for that! I don't remember reading about washing dishes anywhere else.

      I've been thinking about washing dishing too. It's a good occasion for me to stop focusing and letting my mind wondering, which is good for creativity. I try to feel the water on my hands, I focus on my movements, and I just let my mind going. In short, meditation, daydreaming, and thought experiments.

      Concerning the machine washing dishes, I have one which is quite small and it was already in the flat I'm in, so I'm happy I have it. However, because of the cost, I use it only when I need to save some time. It's not that often, at the end.

      Technology is not bad by itself, it's the way you use it ;D

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    Great blog design and readability @JHopsWrites!

    For any musically inclined indie hackers out there...

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    It's not so much a blog... it is a newsletter on substack (which IMO can be called a blog).
    It's Sari Azout's Check your Pulse.
    She has some really great input and content she shares every 2 weeks.
    Check it out here :

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    Hey, great initiative @JHopsWrites

    I am very new to writing long form content like blogs(trying to get better) and I have recently written an article on "why every startup needs a Messenger Chatbot"

    Feedback is highly appreciated :)

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    This Python Guide for Beginners allows you to learn the core of the language in a matter of hours instead of weeks.
    It uses the 80/20 principle: learn the 80% most used knowledge of the subject in 20% of time.

  7. 1

    Here's mine:

    It focus on the first principles of software development, soft skills and mental health. In short, I'm trying to cover in detail (it's more essays than blog posts) important subjects which are out of the latest trend and technology. Developers don't really focus on them as often as I would to, and not necessarily in depth.

    I do it because I love writing, I love teaching, and I love feeling helpful 😍

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    Good idea @JHopsWrites, I'd be happy to share my blog and provide feedback too!

    Unfortunately with regard to your blog article, I can't give you any feedback right now because it's behind an email wall. I would suggest that if you want thoughts/comments on your writing, you should make your content freely available so that people like me (on Indiehackers) don't need to sign up first before they can provide feedback.

    Personally, I write a blog for curious entrepreneurs (and accompanying biweekly newsletter) called Unrestricted. My latest post is a blog review of the book The Right It, and I actually sent out my newsletter today on the power of peer support groups, you can check that out here.

    I'd be happy to hear what you think about my writing and the blog.

    1. 1

      Hey, great point! I edited the post so everyone can access it.

      Your blog is very clean and easy to read. Subscribed to Unrestricted!

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    Awesome initiative @JHopsWrites

    Does Substack count? I am always looking for feedback to improve my content. Keen to hear your thoughts!

    1. 1

      Of course! You've nailed a nice niche with your newsletter.

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    Hey Jordan. Always great to connect with other bloggers. Keep it up.

    What translation of The Bible do you read from? I'm a psychology student, and I'd like to one day do studies on religious behaviors in people who consider themselves non-religious.

    In the meantime, I blog about creativity. A post a day since January 3rd 2020.

    1. 1

      Hey Paul,

      Doing daily posts is hard! I'd agree with @Jachemg's feedback on having focus in general. For me, that's always a struggle in my longer posts.

      I enjoy reading from several translations. Some of my favs are the NIV, TLV, and ESV. For study, I read from a broad range including some original languages.

      Good luck with your studies! I think the Barna Group may have some interesting stats on religious behaviors in American that you might find helpful.

    2. 1

      Hi @PaulLeCrone, impressive that you've been writing a daily blog article; I'm struggling with writing one per two weeks!

      Here's a bit of feedback, I hope that is helpful.

      First, your landing page is a bit overwhelming — I don't understand what you like me to do. Do you want me to read the blog, listen to your podcast, subscribe to a newsletter...? There are too many choices for me, I find.

      Second, I like your writing and you seem like a very intelligent person, drawing from all kinds of themes for your blog. But having read your 3 recent posts, what I'm sometimes missing is the main thread in a blog article. For instance, your September in California article starts with the focus on heat, then talks about self-doubt, and then goes into Stoicism. As such, it's a bit unclear to me what main point you're trying to make. And I feel that this comes back in other articles too; do you recognize that or (dis)agree?

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