March 7, 2019

Celebrate the women indie hackers!

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

It's International Women's Day tomorrow. A great opportunity to celebrate women indie hackers.

Which women have inspired and helped you in your journey?

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    I'm hoping you will, @rosiesherry ;)


    • @DaniMancini has done a really inspiring job as a solo founder (?) growing her business so quickly and transparently
    • @Harlem and her daily updates are brilliant (even if I haven't managed to join in yet properly). It's also great to watch how she handles her business challenges
    • @lynnetye is a constant source of wisdom, motivation and support. She's also just a really good founder (and I think she deserves a free IH t-shirt)
    • ... a lot of IHers don't share their genders - sorry if I missed you out :)

    Excited to see other responses!

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      I'm late to the @louisswiss lovefest --- but the love is undiminished! Thanks for the shoutout!

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      You are too kind @louisswiss!!! ❤️

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      Oh wow thanks for the mention here @louisswiss 😌

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    You @rosiesherry! And thanks for the post I discovered 3 more female indie hackers to follow.

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    Happy International Women's Day to all the amazing women out there who are following their dreams, building cool things and inspiring others!

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    happy women's day ladies! I've been to 2 IH meetups and only met one other woman, but you all inspire me from afar :D

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    My wonderful wife, who is Executive Director of a large non-profit and has applied her business experience to my startup all along

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