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    We wrote an article on why you might want to avoid social media altogether, if you're a podcaster (or a human being.... ) >

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      Great post! It's hard for me as a content creator not to use some kind of social, but I agree with its negative effects.

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        Yea, we still use it a little, for sure - but tend to be pretty mindful about it, not willy nilly :D

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      Nice read! I like how you acknowledge that social media is over saturated. I also think that social media is a real crapshoot since on one hand, it can enable to you gain some followers, on the other it feels spammy to a boost something. I also think that social media really hits it big when you get an influencer to support your product rather than connections sharing your content.

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    Thanks @HopsWrites.

    We've just published this blog on the easiest countries in the world to get citizenship... because we'll get to move again one day soon!


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      Cool site and post! Has nice visual appeal!

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    My latest piece is about a subtle pain of the modern digital subscriber. While interviewing potential customers for the product we are building (SEOly), we ran into one amazing professional. She was deeply saddened about the level of aggression employed by digital products to attempt to sell the paid version while she was using the free tier. It was just mindblowing and it helped us a lot figure out the type of product we want to build

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      I signed up for the beta. Interesting to see more about the actual SEOly product. You're right...most sole business owners or freelancers cannot afford the usual suspects.

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      Such true sentiments here. That hard-sell or hustle alienates me fast. I am prepared to pay for benefits, but a moving target rings my "not fair" bell.

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    Just went live with a post on how startup founders should prepare when raising debt for their company! https://www.fundstory.com/post/how-to-best-prepare-to-raise-debt-for-your-startup

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    Our latest one is a monthly budget calculator. There are still some minor tweaks and improvements needed to be made, but we're quite happy with it: https://savology.com/budget-calculator

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    Would love some feedback on this newsletter content/looks:
    This is my 4th weekly newsletter on electric cars <> building out the distribution atm. What do you all think? I'm easy.

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      Cool niche topic! On the landing form, maybe make it more prominent what EV is for people newer to the topic.

      Also, will users be able to find the archive of posts easily?

      Best wishes with your site/newsletter!

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        Thanks a bunch for the feedback!
        You mean my landing at https://evuniverse.io right? I have thought about the header - will change it to be grasped easier probably.

        There's a link to the latest newsletter. I have thought about starting a blog-type thingy to put all the articles up separately that I write for the newsletter. Any thoughts on what platform would suite best for that?


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          There are several platforms for newsletters especially: Check out Substack and Revue.

          If you build your blog with WordPress, @lesleypizza made an awesome plugin called Newsletter Glue that lets you send out your posts as emails through a connected sender like Mail Chimp.

          All depends on your goals, your audience, and what you need. Hope that helps a little! (-:

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            Thanks @HopsWrites! 🙏

            @juurikasjaan feel free to get in touch if you need some help!

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    My latest blog post: Embed social media in Gridsome site with remark plugin

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    Put in a lot of work on this one. It's about how fashion industry impacts our planet.


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    Our latest scoops on Apple/Facebook's battles about iOS 14 and ad privacy issues found us on top of hackernews and mentions at Techmeme.https://www.myhealthyapple.com/etc-apple-facebook-ios14/

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    I wrote this piece earlier today.

    Developers might find it interesting but also entrepreneurs / business types who want to get a better grasp of how these systems are built:

    Robust NodeJS Deployment Architecture

    Curious to hear any general feedback you have. Cheers

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    Absolutely the kind of community building that's necessary––and effective––these days. Thanks for the post. We talk about building community is especially helpful for ABM here. https://bit.ly/3nfXmVQ

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    Celebrating my third newsletter: I wrote about seeking help from others. Let me know if you enjoy it :)


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      Cool newsletter! Would love to hear more about who you are and what your experience is in the About section.

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        Thanks for taking the time to check it out @HopsWrites . Cheers!

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    I created a page to figure out market need for restaurant owners who are looking to rent a kitchen and for grocery stores to lease out kitchen space :)


    Would love any feedback!

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    Thanks @HopsWrites great idea, and such fantastic stuff here.

    How to nurture a conscious, spiritual attitude in our daily life.

    It's a newsletter I started to put out spiritual tools and pathways to relieve suffering, let go of negativity, and cultivate inner peace.

    Hopefully it will be useful to someone :) 🙏🏼

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        Thanks for taking a look @HopsWrites - your Scripture Sauce looks and reads great.

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          Appreciate it! It's a free newsletter, and I am always open to feedback. :-D

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    Medium post about building websites by fetching data from Google sheets

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    In my latest post, I wrote about how I responded to the pandemic as a travel blogger.

    It's published on my new website, which I built using the 'done is better than perfect' mantra. I recently realised I was suffering from creative paralysis, so I've been using strategies to deal with my perfectionism and just get stuff done.

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      Thanks for sharing! Like your blog's layout. Which CMS are you using?

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        Hey! I’m using Wordpress with GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks. Great combo.

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      Hi Matt -as a startup in that helps people move abroad, I feel your pain. Your innovative and creative responses to the challenges are inspiring. I think it is a great takeaway that any challenge can be motivation to look hard at what we do and how we do it.

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    Here’s latest: https://devskills.co/blog/auto-assessment-released (probably not really insightful unless you have context) 😬

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    My latest article about content marketing budget:


    Always open for feedback!

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    Starting a newsletter but not sure how to name it? Here's my latest blog on how to name your newsletter.


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    Realized I never wrote a post about /actually/ using the website/tool I built... oops


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      Cool concept @mirayaberke! What inspired you guys to make it?
      (It seems like the Substack on invite services).
      Thanks for sharing!

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        Oh I like that as a saying!
        We are tired of Eventbrite's high fees, lack of customer service and clunky design. Want to create a better tool for hosts to hold their events. Starting with ticketing and building on with a lot of new power features.

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          Seems like a great model! I like that the free tier is unlimited for general invites (I think I read that right?).

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            yes always free for free events!

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