Daily Stand-up December 3, 2020

🎄Challenge-Launch a Product Before Christmas🎄

Antonio Tropiano @tropianhs

Last year I had the idea of launching a small Product before Christmas and posted it here on IH 🚀

It helped me stay accountable, have some peers around me with the same goal and many people joined, it was good fun. So I want to do it again this year. 🎉

So I am going to choose an idea, fix a target and update daily here. today is 3rd December so we have 21 days to make it happen⏱️
Who is joining?

Plan for December 3
🔲Choose an idea

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      That's great! What will you be working on?

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        There some great ideas coming out of https://www.softwareideas.io/ - I was thinking of doing an MVP for a particular chatbot type of application. Honestly, I've been "hacking" all my life, but yet to get anything real in place. I always overthink it, lose interest, or find something similar after I'm halfway done. I wanted to learn more about what you do and see how I can into that type of rhythm.

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          This is what I built and launched last year in a bit more than 1 week

          I ended up not updating it and it will probably be gone after I don't renew the domain.

          I don't struggle in launching a project, what I struggle at is to acquire users for it. I probably never found product-market fit for any of my porjects.

          This is why I want to take a different approach for my next projects. I will test the market before I even start to build something.

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            Yes, marketing is a problem for many of us. I've often wondered if I'm actually solving a problem someone needs solving. As a developer, it's easy to get caught up in the fact that you can build something that you find useful. The question is whether or not anyone else finds it useful too.

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              I found the Product mindset very helpful in my case. I knew it was important to find customers first but I didn't realize how to do that. Something clicked in me when I started to read "The Mom Test", then I read "Inspired" by Marty Cagan and currently reading "The Lean Startup". Each one of those books left me something and I am happy I read all of them.

              But the real moment for me was when I decided to quit my last project with 3 co-founders. An extremely draining experience that left me completely empty. I didn't have the energy to build something new but it was lock-down, there was no football in Europe and I could not update Alfa Data so I was a bit bored. I saw people writing books and being successful so I decided to put up a landing page on Gumroad and see what happened. Tweeted about it and I got like 3 pre-orders. That made me accountable and I managed to write it and make more than 500$ in sales in 6 months. Quite good for my standards.

              I will be frank, I would have never written the book if it wasn't for those 3 pre-orders.

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                What book did you write? I'm also adding Mom Test, Inspired, and Lean Startup to my reading list!

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                  I wrote a book about how to code a soccer betting model. It's on Gumroad here https://gumroad.com/l/bettingmodelwe

                  Those books are great, but in my opinion you need to experiment on yourself to really learn something.

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    you got it. go for it.

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      Thanks! I will be posting an update later today

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