April 19, 2019

Challenge: Pitch your business idea in 10 words for fewer

Courtland Allen @csallen

"What does your business do and why should I use it?" Can you answer that question in 10 words or fewer? #ask-ih

  1. Comment on someone else's pitch and tell them what you think. 👈
  2. Make your own pitch, and try to be convincing. Don't go over 10 words!
  3. Upvote anyone whose pitch you think is really good.

Whoever has the best pitch (and gives someone else feedback) gets a free t-shirt.

Give it a shot below!

  1. 18

    10words: Discover new apps and startups in 10 words or less

    ...wait a second... 🤔😂

    1. 2

      I like the idea and although I understood your value prop (perhaps because of the context of this thread), I think it's a bit confusing. It looks like your pitch is addressing two target groups:

      • "Discover new apps and startups" = consumers of apps and startups
      • "in 10 words or less." = Makers of apps and startups

      Maybe something along those lines:
      "Discover new apps and startups skipping the marketing fluff." (like you describe it on your site).
      "Get your startup featured using 10 words or less."

      1. 1

        You're exactly right - there are really 2 audiences, the makers and the consumers. This pitch is geared more toward consumers.

        However, I think the "10 words or less" is appealing to consumers the most because it inherently cuts out the fluff, screenshots, gifs, etc.

        The maker audience might be "Promote your startup using 10 words or less"

    2. 2

      I use 10words religiously and I think your own 10 word pitch is great.

      1. 2

        Thanks - that's so cool to hear!

        In the spirit of this post, I have actually been working on a feature where people can analyze the thousands of startup pitches submitted, and see what words and phrases perform best (and worst).

        As-is, 10words is very promotional (i.e. show off my startup) but I think with the data accumulated it can be useful for helping makers find idea spaces and craft and tune their own pitch.

        Just FYI - stay tuned 🤓

        1. 1

          Sweet! I'd love to read that analysis.

          Related: one debate that I've had with my cofounders is the signaling value (or risk) of describing your product as "X for Y."

          I used to describe my company, Art in Res, as "AirBnb for Fine Art." (It's peer-to-peer, and we let people rent artwork - it's not a perfect description but close enough.) My co-founder thinks this is bad framing: we're unique, separate, different - and we shouldn't invite comparison.

          When I worked in finance, "X for Y" was pretty common shorthand, but maybe it's not effective as an elevator pitch. Thoughts, @luckybamboo?

          1. 2

            Personally, I agree with your co-founder.

            Maybe people don't know what AirBnb is, or have never used it (which isn't as uncommon as you might think). They wouldn't understand what your service does.

            Alternatively, let's say they love AirBnb. They get to your service and the product is different than their expectations - set by their own unique experience with AirBnb. This causes friction and discomfort from the start, and it will take more work in your UX to convince them of your value.

            Keep it clear and independent (ex: Rent Fine Art). Once people are in, you can delight them with a new experience instead of the user comparing everything and potentially feeling let down (ex: in AirBnb I can do X, why can't I do that here?)

            1. 1

              @luckybamboo, thanks for those valuable insights. I would like to elaborate on one your statements from the perspective of a UX designer.

              You wrote: “(...) let's say they love AirBnb. They get to your service and the product is different than their expectations - set by their own unique experience with AirBnb. This causes friction and discomfort. (...)”

              First of all, I absolutely agree that setting an expectation and then NOT delivering is probably the worst possible scenario.

              However: If you set some general expectations (aka. the mental model) of how your service works by using an analogy to an existing service which the user knows and you then manage to actually deliver, this drastically shortens the user’s learning curve and increases their satisfaction with your product. Your product is suddenly much easier to use. And yes, this can be as simple as word selection.

              @johnsillings @johnfriel
              So when it comes to your approach “(...) My co-founder thinks this is bad framing: we're unique, separate, different - and we shouldn't invite comparison.“

              I absolutely understand. Our businesses are unique. And we strive to find uniqueness everywhere to further boost our value proposition.

              BUT, there’s one important thing to keep in mind: Users spend 99% of their time using other apps than yours, browsing other websites than yours.
              Their mental models of how things work and how apps behave are constantly being shaped by other products than yours. Therefore finding and drawing correlations between your amazing product and products your users know and use daily is going to drastically improve the user experience of your product.

              P.S.: one of the best ways of gathering data about the context of your product usage is during field testing, but more on that later.

            2. 1

              Agree with my co-founder: very persuasive.

            3. 1

              (I'm the co-founder in question)

              Those are great, points! More concrete and persuasive than my thinking, which was a general sense that relying on someone else's project seems to convey a lack of assertiveness / vision.

              The point about setting and then failing to meet expectations is really compelling. Thanks!

    3. 1

      You win! Want an IH t-shirt? If so, let me know which one: https://cottonbureau.com/people/indie-hackers

      (I highly recommend the black Astroshipper)

      1. 1

        Woo! The black Astroshipper looks awesome @csallen, thanks!

        1. 1

          Okay, just emailed you a code for the shirt to cjbeauchamp@gmail.com!

    4. 1

      I think your idea might have influenced me subconsciously for my next side project. I didn't intend to remix yours specifically, but eventually considered filling up my database from your website (I won't though — I opened my own form)

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    Lazy Jar - A gym you only pay for when you don't go.

    1. 3

      All the motivation I need 😂. Great idea!

    2. 2

      Haha I love this 😂😂

    3. 2

      So first of all the pitch is brilliant!
      Second, omg please scale this worldwide, this is so cool!

    4. 2

      haha, I absolutely love this concept

    5. 1

      I had the exact same ideia some weeks ago... now I believe it when people say that there are at least 5 people around the world having the same idea that you have

  3. 15

    WhichLogin.com - Never forget how you used to sign-in again.

    1. 7

      'never forget which social login you used' might be clearer?

      1. 3

        Thanks for the reply @anuragg.

        Yeah, good point. I would still add "again" at the end.

    2. 3

      Love this! The name and short description sells it perfectly.

      1. 1

        Awesome. Thanks you for the reply :)

    3. 2

      Nice clean site, the name is brilliant as it tells you exactly what the service does :D

    4. 2

      Great product that solves an actual problem I have every day. Typo though? 'sign-in' not signed-in? :)

      1. 1

        Good point. Thanks for pointing it out. I tend to rewrite and reword things like this until I "get blind" for typos 😑️

      1. 1

        Hey @myakubmizan,

        thank you :) I hope it solves your problem!


    5. 2

      Great idea. You got my money ;-)

      1. 1

        Hello Chris,

        thank you for your support of my little extension side-project :) I've just send you a message on Twitter btw.

        If you are interested in following the progress you might be keen to follow the project here on IH https://www.indiehackers.com/product/which-login-did-i-use-last-time or my blog under http://peterthaleikis.com/tags/WhichLogin/


    6. 1

      Handy idea!! 👍👍

  4. 14

    render.com - The easiest cloud for developers and startups.

    (oh, and Indie Hackers is hosted on it!)

    1. 5

      Crowded market + pitch, but I clicked because I figured the domain was $$$ so it must be good haha. Really interesting angle and nice site. Just signed up

      1. 3

        Thanks! The market is crowded but humongous and growing quickly. Would love to hear what you think.

    2. 4

      Just checked your profile.

      All you had to say was, “render.com — Indie Hackers are hosted on it”

      (I always thought IH was hosted on Firebase)

      1. 2

        Didn't want to brag! IH uses both Render (for the site) and Firebase (for the database). It also uses Render for cron jobs. One of these days I'll convince @csallen to move to Render PostgreSQL...

    3. 2

      I like this will sign up and test it, I could use it for my current project.

    4. 2

      Nice project and nice site. The doc is well done with good example.
      I will probably sign in for Fathom Analytic, I'm done with GA :D

    5. 2

      Hm. I didn't believe the value prop, but as someone mentioned, this is some $$$$$ tier domain. I wonder how much it cost. Interesting, for $10 I can have more from you than from a $25 Firebase tier 🤔

      1. 2

        Interesting, for $10 I can have more from you than from a $25 Firebase tier 🤔

        You certainly can, but it depends on which Firebase services you're using.

        1. 1

          For my main hustle I don’t really care what to use as long as I can make an API (lambdas, functions, node etc) and a database. I implemented that with Firebase, but I think that a more traditional stack would actually be easier there.

          For my side project, I need a static hosting and a scalable database. For this one, I really like the ease of Firestore vs equipping a traditional SQL.

          Oh, and auth for both projects too.

          I’m just thinking that perhaps you’re too generous? Or is Firebase overpriced. Given their scale (Google) vs yours (an IH), it should've been the other way around.

          1. 3

            For my main hustle I don’t really care what to use as long as I can make an API (lambdas, functions, node etc) and a database. I implemented that with Firebase, but I think that a more traditional stack would actually be easier there.

            Yep. Firebase/Lambda are too complicated for a simple API and Node on Render would be much easier.

            For $25, Firebase gives you more functionality (though it sounds like you might not need it). With Render, we've broken things out so you pay for individual managed infrastructure components, so the pricing strategy is different (think cable TV bundles vs. buying HBO and Netflix).

            Perhaps the biggest difference between Firebase and Render is that we don't have a perpetual free tier for APIs or databases. We've found that free tiers needlessly inflate pricing for paid tiers, and as a paying Firebase customer, you are effectively subsidizing people who'll never pay. This is unfair to you (and all paying customers), so we've chosen to use free trials instead.

            1. 1

              Well, tbh I have yet to pay for Firebase, so… 😁

              1. 1

                Hah there you go!

    6. 2

      This catches my attention really well because I'm always looking for a more simple and easier way of deploying my software.

        1. 1

          Do you do wildcard custom domains with automatic SSL?

    7. 1

      yeah, a good domain makes not all, but can really help to get a click :-)

  5. 9

    kapwing.com - An online editor for modern video, images, and GIFs.

    1. 1

      This is interesting I would like to give it a try!

    2. 1

      Can you break up long videos into bite sizes? Example, say you have a demo reel you'd like to share on the app store.

    3. 1

      Sounds like something I would use!

    4. 1

      Hey Julia! I'm a fanboy :)

      Putting on my critical feedback hat, though, I think the short pitch would be a little better if it emphasized the value prop vs. the use case (ie; why use Kapwing? vs. what do I use Kapwing for?).

  6. 5

    Art in Res: Try art in your home before you buy it.


    1. 3

      Love the pitch, super solid! Immediately made me want to check out your product.

      Your site is also very well designed. But question: why require an email to view the art? I bounced bc the hurdle was too high. I think I'd need to be sold on a particular piece of art first, or at least some samples.

      I think being in a "visual" industry can be very advantageous, because beautiful images really speak to users. For example, Airbnb always gets me with their high-quality photographs of gorgeous homes.

      Seems like something you could take advantage of! There are entire websites devoted to interior design porn. I'd love to see some photos of art hanging on walls in beautiful homes.

      1. 1

        Hey Courtland! Super grateful for the feedback.

        Totally hear you on the beautiful images / interior design porn points. It's already in the works :) and we're hopeful that a little more visual sugar will yield results.

        You actually bounced before we got to annoy you with our /second/ hurdle, which is a short user survey. We're trying to learn more about our prospective users as we search for product-market fit. (Sometimes we can find out useful information from their email address alone - and the survey has been very helpful to this end, too.)

        The tradeoff we think (hope?) we're making is less top-of-funnel conversion in exchange for more information about who wants to use this product. Despite the annoyance of the email barrier, signups have been pouring in at a decent clip.

        Anyway, huge fan of the podcast and truly honored that you checked out Art in Res. I'll let you know when we get rid of that email requirement :) Cheers!

  7. 5

    FrontendRobot.com - Automated website testing from the cloud, no coding, zero setup

    1. 1

      Really like how the domain says it all:)

      And on top of that your pitch has everything you'd want to know (squeezed in 3 statements). Makes me think it has zero hurdles which is nice for those shopping around for stuff like this.

    2. 1

      I'm always skeptical of tools that claim to automate things with "zero setup".

      Setup "in seconds", like you have on your website sounds a lot more convincing and interesting.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback @Merott!

    3. 1

      Looks promising. While I'm not afraid of "code setup", I like this. Hope it goes well.

  8. 4

    PodCut.co - Bite sized snippets for tech podcasts. Save time, learn more.

  9. 3

    https://metacode.app – Code faster and more intuitively using natural language.

    1. 2

      This is a really awesome concept. I think you could start the video automatically.

      1. 2

        Thanks! Will do 👍

  10. 3

    replybutton.com Email outreach tool with call-to-action buttons

    1. 1

      Brilliant! Solid idea.

  11. 3

    grumpytext.com - Blog content Service for startups and small businesses.

    1. 1

      Chiming in here with advice I didn't necessarily take myself... I think it would be helpful to emphasize - maybe in just a word or two - what the value prop is and what problem it solves.

      ideas... Ease of implementation? High quality content? Outsourcing something you don't want to do yourself?

      1. 1

        Didn't get you. :(

  12. 2

    Diary(a) - Snap pics of your dung, let AI assess your health.

    1. 1

      Please don't tell me that's a real product! Haha >.<

      1. 1

        Not yet, but who knows!

  13. 2

    https://leavemealone.xyz - Easily unsubscribe from spam emails

    1. 1

      😍️ Great project

  14. 2

    thechurchco.com - High quality, low cost websites for churches & non-profits.

  15. 2

    Pipefile.com - Safely collect sensitive documents from your customers

    1. 2

      Hey, that's a great pitch for a great project. The website however, took about 14 seconds to load fully for me (including pictures), I have a reasonable internet connection so maybe it's something on your end, snappy websites feel more professional. Furthermore it might be interesting for me to know how you protect my data without going to the FAQ, maybe you could present this information summarized on the landing page.

      1. 2

        Thanks! Apologies about the slow load time. I still need to set up a CDN to speed up the static asset delivery. Re: the FAQ, I used to have a How It Works section on the homepage but the encryption details were confusing many customers. I want to add it back but need to figure out how to make the messaging less confusing to someone non-technical. Even within the product, I had to remove the encryption details from the primary flow (they're only visible now when you add your key on the Settings page). I'm still trying to maintain that balance between keeping the product simple for non-technical users while ensuring that technical users can find the features that they care about. It's a struggle haha

        1. 1

          Good to hear you're working on the speed!
          I'm invested in tech so that's why I'm interested in the how it works. I do however fully understand the confusing aspects of it. Maybe there is someone on reddit who has done an ELI5 (explain like i'm 5) on it ;)

    2. 2

      Hey Steve

      • Excellent pitch
      • It is not clear from the demo if the client needs to log in
      • Custom domains/branding would be nice so the client does not know that he/she is jumping from one company to another
      • Route rules to Google Drive (or alternative)
      1. 1

        Thanks! Ok maybe I should figure out how to make lack of login more clear in the demo. I'm currently trying to redesign the upload widget to be embeddable in an iframe to give you control over the branding (you can see the current state on my personal site, http://steverecio.com). Third party integrations are definitely needed as you have to sign into Pipefile to retrieve the data right now. I'm working on getting those set up ASAP.

        1. 2

          The way it looks in your site paints a much clearer picture of how your service would be useful for my use-case 👍

  16. 2

    PullManager.com - No more "Hey did you check out that pull request?"

  17. 2

    A music streaming app for local music scenes.

  18. 2

    mydarlingmatch - Reducing animal homelessness by perfecting the adoption experience.

  19. 2

    zohunt.com - An applicant tracking software that makes hiring staff easy

  20. 1

    Help India's 2 million hi-growth SMEs choose better software

  21. 1

    https://groupleads.net: Convert facebook group members into leads in your email list.

  22. 1

    Taskade.com - It's time to ditch Slack & Asana.

  23. 1

    BearTax - Calculate tax liability from cryptocurrency trades in a few minutes.

  24. 1

    Connect any app to blockchains through a decentralized API layer.

  25. 1

    https://flatga.io - A simple and readonly interface for Google Analytics!

  26. 1

    KanbanMail - A Kanban board (eg. Trello) for your emails ✉😁

  27. 1

    it used to be 1 minute pitch now its 10 words. what's next pitch in 10 characters?

    1. 3

      This is why marketing is harder than sales. In-person, people will listen to you for a minute. But when people come across your writing in the middle of their busy day, they 're going to give you much less time than that!

  28. 1

    https://fullstackjob.com : THE quality Job Board for Full-Stack Developer Candidates and Recruiters

    (soon with Resumes)

    1. 1

      Do you support JSON resume?

      1. 2

        Hi. Yup, I extended JSON resume. So as soon ready, candidate can export and use to build own profile with themes out there, if he want's so.

        1. 1

          Nice! Would it be possible to import a JSON resume into your platform?

          1. 2

            yup, that's definitively on planned features list

  29. 1

    Glecture - Apply to guest lecture at a top Australian university.

    Website: https://glecture.com/
    Email: speedy@glecture.com

    Some general notes:

    1. At the moment, our side project is only limited to Australia (we hope to expand this overseas once/if we're able to capture the Australian market).

    2. Presently, we have x5 universities signed up, and we've successfully matched guest lecturers (One guest lecturer was interviewed here: https://techinvest.online/it-expert-stewart-marshall-questions-innovation-mindset/ and he also shared his experiences about teaching at the Unversity of Sydney here: https://smallville.com.au/back-to-school-how-a-day-of-teaching-became-a-day-of-learning/)

    3. We're unsure about the business model as of yet (have a few ideas, but nothing that we're sold on).

    4. We're running the marketplace by email until we figure out what is the best way to create our technological solution (we can see at least 4-5 very distinct variations on how to build this, which are all quite different).

  30. 1

    Betta / getbettasoon.com - tools and info to support employees in the workplace

    (website doesn't exist yet)

    1. 1

      in what way does it support employees?

  31. 1

    Find Communities Today - Find the communities that you love online

    1. 1

      Pitch is straightforward 👌

      I wonder about the idea though. How frequently do people search for communities to join? And why not just search Reddit instead?

      1. 1

        Thank you for the comment, at the moment I'm still working on the project but had some good feedback and some steady growth although still pretty small.

        The reason why I created find communities was because you have other places to search for communities in a given platform but not one for all of them. As time goes by I am going to add even more platforms and hopefully it will save people's time by just look for what they want in a quick and easy way :D

  32. 1

    soldit.co : Selling digital products made easy.

    1. 1

      A little vague to me. I had to click on your website to find out what it meant. I think you'd be benefited by targeting a niche.

      1. 1

        Thank you @csallen for this answer. I see what you meant. My sentence is too vague. Digital products can mean lots of stuff.

        I should probably refocus on my audience which is content creators. So a sentence of this style would be better no? Transactions made easy for content creators?

        1. 1

          Much better! I would also try to use the same words that your customers use. You won't know that unless you talk to them, but my guess would be they don't commonly talk about "transactions." Something simpler might resonate with them, e.g. "Easily accept payments for the content you create."

  33. 1

    docsapp.io - Developer hub made easy

  34. 1

    OneClickClip.com - Grab attention with animated GIFs. Free for commercial use.

  35. 1

    Indie Game Build With No Code

  36. 1

    Redacter. Take and share screengrabs while automatically redacting sensitive information

  37. 1

    ‪PrintOps.com: Print/poster drop shipping and fulfillment service for E-commerce platforms.‬

  38. 1

    NanaGram — Mail 4x6 prints to your loved ones by text message.

  39. 1

    https://tefter.io Your bookmarks organised, archived, searchable, portable.

  40. 1

    Emoji auto complete anywhere on the internet!
    Grammarly for emojis

  41. 1

    NorthStar - Keep Your Team Aligned And Focus On What Really Matters

  42. 1

    NameRobot Toolbox Powerful creative Tools for Business Naming!

  43. 1

    BocyCRM -www.boxycrm.io - Simple CRM software for small businesses

  44. 1

    DashOne - Everything you need to know, in one place.


  45. 1

    https://breakout.careers - Australia's best tech and startup job board.

  46. 1

    UserVox - Document customer success to increase social proof, conversions, and sales.

  47. 1

    purplship.com - The easiest way to connect to shipping carriers

  48. 1

    FeaturePeek.com - Shorten feedback loops between web designers and web developers

  49. 1

    Medium for gastronomy. Blog about your city's best venues.

  50. 1

    craftexchange.de - An online marketplace for craft beverages.

  51. 1

    Data layers built automatically to save development time and money.

  52. 1

    AnalyticsBar.com - Google Analytics in your menu bar, always on, always tracking.

  53. 1

    givero.com - Raise money for good causes by searching the web.

  54. 1

    taggytagger.com - Make Finder tags work for you.

  55. 1

    HostedMetrics.com - hosted monitoring products as a service: InfluxDB, Prometheus, Grafana.

  56. 1

    Swole (name pending) - customized cyber insurance products to harden your security

  57. 1

    HelloCast: All your podcast episodes, guests, and files in one place.

  58. 1

    (Website is yet to be built - validating the idea with a FB community) - Remote jobs for students + recent graduates.

  59. 1

    ProAlert - Helping first responders save lives, by saving time.

  60. 1

    MagnusRush.com - Making podcasts interactive for high growth and profit.

    Magnus Rush App - Interactive podcast player with voice memos, tipping, and bookmarks.

    1. 1

      Small tip! If you use the word "you" or "your" in your copy, it's more persuasive and converts more highly.

      e.g. "Grow your podcast by making it more interactive."

      I like the first one better than the second. The second one is just describing features, but not benefits. I guess that could work if the features were revolutionary, or they had some sort of theme to them that made them super good for me. For example, here are two random podcast player apps I just thought of:

      • "PodJog: The podcast player made specifically for runners."
      • "PodQueue: Never think about what to play next."

      I think getting specific like that and focusing on benefits/audience over features can be more compelling.

      1. 1

        Great point. Two statements because two different end products/audiences, I think. I've made it too confusing :)

  61. 1

    My secret side project

    If you have replied here, maybe sign up there too? 🙂

    1. 1

      Honest feedback, it's hard to be interested in something that's a secret! (Unless it comes from someone famous.)

      1. 1

        I’ll reveal it all as soon as I have something to show! And special terms for IHers will still apply.

        A little spoiler though. It is gonna be a platform for discovering new products, albeit with a different approach, different UX, and more value for makers than BetaList and alike provide (e.g., allowing makers to A/B test their value prop before launch).

        I need to make a prototype to show. I'll get to that as soon as I ship an update to my primary product.

        1. 1

          This sounds pretty cool :) Perhaps - BetaList meets Unbounce?

          1. 1

            Nope, entirely different thing. But if I tell now, it will be super obvious.

            Let me make a working prototype next week, and I’ll show.

  62. 1

    Draftss.com - On-demand graphic design & code on subscription

  63. 1

    SupportHero - Customer support for WordPress plugin developers

    1. 1

      Hmm, does this mean you will be providing help/tutorials for people trying to develop WordPress plugins? Or does it mean you'll help developers support their customers/clients? Or something else?

  64. 1

    xebel.co - Learn online, together with your peers.
    xebel.co - Learn and succeed together with people who share your interests.

    website is still WIP and subscribing doesn't actually work, but check it out if you want. Username and password are both just "xebel".

    1. 1

      Thanks for sharing! Hard to know what you do from your tagline. It's not enough to get me interested, too vague. Learn what, exactly? And why do I want to learn with my peers? Is this any different than taking an online course that others have taken? Etc.

      I think it could benefit from being more specific, and from talking more about the benefit I'd get as a user rather than just talking about how the product works works ("with your peers").

      For example, am I going to learn Spanish? Programming? Etc. And am I going to be learning faster, easier, cheaper, more deeply, etc than the status quo?

      1. 1

        Thank you for the feedback Courtland. Here's my updated headline:

        Learn and succeed together with people who share your interests.

        So hard to communicate an idea in 10 words. I'll keep working on it. 😁

  65. 1

    eventOne - Increase attendee engagement with a mobile event app.

    1. 2

      Seems pretty promising! It's something I care about since IHers are hosting meetups all over the world and I want to help them out however I can. Some feedback:

      • "Engagement" is pretty vague. Maybe hone in on a more specific and valuable problem that event hosts want to solve? E.g. attendee growth, or referrals, or happiness, or retention, etc. And tailor your app to whatever your value prop is, too.
      • I'd make it more personal, speak to the customer, less about your app. "Increase attendee engagement at your event."
      1. 1

        @csallen Thanks for the feedback! I like the idea of "Increase attendee engagement at your event" but I also agree that "engagement" is too vague.

        I really like the idea of a 10 word pitch so I've been iterating on one for a bit now.

  66. 1

    DashVest.com - Find your real estate investment match

    1. 1

      Didn't quite understand it without clicking on your website and reading the subtitle. (Your website is absolutely gorgeous, by the way.)

      Got a minor tip for your subtitle: Instead of saying, "DashVest is a platform that matches…", you could simply say, "DashVest matches…"

      My bigger feedback is that, since you have a marketplace, you'll want two different pitches. That's better than one watered down pitch that's kind of "meh" for both groups. Typically with a marketplace, one side is harder (and more valuable) to get than the other. It's usually the more numerous side. So it helps to tailor your landing page to that side.

      Airbnb does this well. Their value prop on the homepage is targeted at people booking homes. If you want to host, you click the "Become a Host" link, and then they show you a different value prop about earning money.

      1. 1

        Thank you so much for the great feedback. My partner and I are going over your recommendation right now for the subtitle (I'll keep you updated).

        The landing page is primarily targeting the Investor (why the default is checked). The seller is going to have a different funnel and content strategy. We will have a particular landing page for them. We feel the investor is our better long term value customer, and our stretch goal is to eventually move everyone over to the investor side.

  67. 1

    Packetriot.com - Host applications from any network, on any computer.

  68. 1

    https://whowhenwhere.online/ - who will work when and where, for remote international teams.

    1. 1

      Interesting, I like your tagline on your website better actually: "Who will be online when and where." That's easier to understand than "who will work."

      I have a few suggestions:

      • Use commas: "Who will be online, when, and where?"
      • Use the word "you" to better connect with your intended audience: "Know which of your teammates will be online, when, and where." Or maybe a simpler value prop e.g., "Know exactly when your teammates will be online."
      1. 1

        Thank you for the comment and suggestions.
        I do go back and forth on whether to use words in order as in the domain, or in more sentence alike one.

        I like your simpler value pro suggestion, will sleep on it (a couple more nights), as it's a different style, but indeed probably better.

        Thanks again.

  69. 1

    CommSponsor.com - Connecting great companies with great communities through sponsorships.

    1. 1

      Very straightforward and easy to understand! You might want to split it out into two pitches, one for communities and one for companies.

      1. 1

        Glad to hear! We've split the website into "for communities" and "for companies", and definitely tweak our pitch depending on who we're speaking to.

  70. 1

    SwissDevJobs.ch - The first Swiss Quality IT Job Board 🏆

    1. 2

      It's a great idea to start localized. The landing page maybe feels a bit overwhelming at first sight, for me it might be nice to give some information beforehand to slim the information down before showing it. Also, I think it's nice to show the salaries - not talking about that stuff like some other parties do is obsolete in my opinion.

  71. 1

    Dashify.me : Swiss knife for your chrome browser

    1. 4

      A swiss knife can do everything, though! So I had no idea what I'd get before I clicked your link, which means I don't have a good reason to click. I think being able to imagine something is a precursor to wanting it. (But don't quote me on that.)

      So my suggestion would be to narrow it down to something more specific that people can more easily imagine wanting. For example:

      • The best "new tab" page for your browser.
      • The fastest way to browse the web.
      • The fastest way to get to your bookmarks.
      • Momentum, but <insert adjective here>.
      • Momentum for <insert niche group here>.
      • etc.

      P.S. I like the spinny icons at the top, fun.

      1. 1

        thanks for suggestions !

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  74. 1

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  75. 1

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  76. 1

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  77. 1

    This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

  78. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  79. 1

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  80. 1

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  81. 1

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