Ideas and Validation February 27, 2020

Change a domain name?


Update: I bought at $5,290. It hurts 😭

How do you like my current domain It's a platform for software engineers connected with hiring team directly. Sometimes I thought it isn't cool enough.

How about changing it to:


Or should I stick with current one?

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    Some ideas...

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    Yeah I immediately thought “offerhunt” was like Product Hunt except for deals, discounts and offers.

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      Yah, same for me. Candidates may understand the meaning of offerhunt. But for employer, they don't hunt for offers, they hunt for dev. I think I will get the new name. Thanks!!!

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    OfferHunt sounds a bit like a site that finds product offers. DevHunt or seems to fit more with the concept.

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      Thank you for candid feedback. I actually feel the same, it may be a bit confusing at first.