September 25, 2020

Changed up my landing page...would love to get some feedback 😊

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    Hi DIstantFinds,

    I think your landing page looks decent! The CTA is very clear and I like the concept. I think the footer looks a bit messy, however great job!

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      Thanks! I increased spacing between the columns in the footer, looks a bit better now.

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    Are you looking for any specific feedback?

    Here's my honest feedback after visiting the site for the first time (without any idea what the product is all about):

    • It reminds me a lot of WhatsApp so I thought it's an instant messaging system
    • The headline doesn't tell me what the product does. Why should I have to wait in the first place?
    • What does it mean to separate the "deals from the duds"?
    • The video basically shows what I could discover myself (by clicking on the "Discover" button). Maybe you could use the video to get more into the pain and the solution in an "abstract" way rather. Something like an explainer video
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      Thanks! I will try to work on the items you mention.

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