Product Development October 17, 2020

Cheaper alternative to nolt/canny

AJ Villalobos @ajvillalobos

Hey! I’m working on - a privacy oriented custom url shortener. I wanted to offer a place where my users can place their feature requests or suggestions. Trello is good but there is no voting.

I think the above products are great but since I’m just starting out I wanted to save a bit :)

Let me know what you are using also.

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      Thanks! Feel free to try it out @ajvillalobos 🙌 Lots of customers from Canny are switching to Upvoty.

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    Thanks everyone! I've decided to go with Nolt even though it's quite pricey on my current stage. The UI and also the UX is just super simple.

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    Check out - it's got 90% of the features of Nolt, Canny and Upvoty but it's more of a Q&A platform. It's free, open source and you can host it for free on Heroku.

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    Would like to recommend my tool Productific: it's made to run feature requests and voting for Indie Hackers, start ups and small companies. Straight forward and lean. Exactly what you seem to be looking for @ajvillalobos

    Please feel free to PM me with questions, would love to have on Productific.

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    Came across last week. It has a lifetime deal on AppSumo. Give it a try.

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