Landing Page Feedback February 24, 2020

Check out my first product


My friend and his girlfriend discovered that they unknowingly do listen to similar songs at bedtime. Oh, how beautiful would it be to help them actually play the same songs at bedtime, sharing that vibe, that deep emotional state, I fantasized.

A few months later, I and a friend across the world got bored while on a long video chat. She decided to play us some songs to keep the vibe. Bummer! We realized there was no easy way to share such a vibe, that emotional atmosphere. Then I decided to fix this.

Today, I'm excited to show you my MVP to this problem, 🥁 ... drum rolls ... 🥁

And please kindly follow Tubda here. Also, your feedback and honest critics will be highly appreciated.

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    Nice job getting it out there! I’d consider putting more an intro on that homepage. I understood exactly what the product was from your description here but I’m not sure the homepage converts it as succinctly. Design looks great on mobile, good work!

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      Thanks so much, @cbartlett.

      I agree. That homepage is not actually meant to be the homepage, but something like Explore page. I'll find time to create a detailed homepage that will communicate the value before I roll out to the general public. My goal at this point is to have founder/engineering communities like IH use it with friends/teams and let me know how it feels.

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        Hey, congrats on the launch, very cool product! 🎉Quick question: instead of creating a "detailed homepage", have you considered just doing a 6 second video that says what the product does with big bold letters, some cool beat in the background and have it autoplay, somewhere in the top part?

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          Thanks so much @pavlomarko
          Cool suggestion, but I'm not exactly sure how a 6-sec video can tell that story. Do you have any examples of what you're describing I can look at?

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            Checkout the intro of this video:

            • Listen to songs
            • At the same time
            • with friends on the Interwebz.
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              "Interwebz"... LOL. I got it.

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    I'd change the color of tracks/tubers to more darken.

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      Hey @zaitsev, thanks for the feedback. Did you mean the Tracks/Tubers tab color on mobile or the contents under those tabs? Where you able to test the features of the app with friends or teammates? How do you like it?

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        That's right, Tracks/Tubers could be darker as it's meta info in my understanding.

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          Okay... but sorry what is meta info? just learning.

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    An error was shown twice saying it failed to load on my Android 11 Pixel 3 using chrome. On the 3rd refresh it loaded ok. This wasn't the browser showing an error. Your website was showing the error. Should have created a screenshot. Hopefully that is enough.

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      Thanks so much, @daz!

      Yes, I'm aware of that loading issue, usually occurs on the initial load and I'm working on fixing it. But, how do you like playing with it when it was finally loaded? Will you try it with your friends/teammates?