November 22, 2020

Check out this cold email (aka doing it the right way)

Simon Chiu @geetfun

Saw this tonight on Twitter and thought I’d share it here.

Not someone marketing a product, but the principles are the same. It’s a genuine outreach and not an automated email or copy and paste.

Email is perhaps the greatest medium which has allowed anyone to connect with anyone else, with minimal cost and no gatekeeping. (Eg. Just try to get someone to find out about you through the search engines and realize how much you’re prevented from sharing your creation to the world).

  1. 2

    Nice. What stood out for me was the "a few months back, you replied". That's a sign the person did their due diligence.

    Another thing is that he's acknowledging it's a cold email, which helps.

    1. 1

      Yeah the original outreach email was super specific about how they were already connected in some way. As well, the intentions of that email was clear. No weird back and forth dance about what the sender wanted.

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