Growth October 19, 2020

Checkout League of Startups!

Dylan Zingler @zinglax

League of Startups

Here is a fun way to vote for the best startup!

I like this format way more than product hunt or any of the other lists where startups are features. Its a fun new take on showing off different startups and its awesome seeing them go head to head

Vote for your favorite!

Thanks @Scott322

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    Dylan wow thanks. Startups are not easy to get off the ground.Your post here means a lot. Anything I can do for you pls let me know.

    1. 2

      Yeah anytime, thanks for building the site! Haha I know it is tough, definitely in the same boat! If possible could you check the load time of for me? I wrote a post earlier today about some speed increases I made hoping to fix the problems people saw and I just wanted to know if it helped. The page should load within 1-2 seconds.

      1. 1

        Hey man - it only took a second to load. Impressive, considering the full length background image. I don't speak that language but I do like the overal layout. Clean and simple.

        1. 1

          Thank you! Yeah glad to hear it was pretty quick. Yeah I have done a lot of work trying to get things compressed and running quickly. I appreciate you checking it out! I will definitely keep boosting LOS as much as I can! I think it has real exposure potential!

          1. 1

            @zinglax I am getting the bugs worked out before launching on betalist & betapage but appreciate your kind words again.

            Keep in touch I'm working on a semi-interesting startup concept and would appreciate your feedback so I will shoot you a msg that time. And you be sure to do the same on anything your working on.

            1. 1

              @Scott322 Most definitely! Sounds good!

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    Seems like a more minimal version of the tournament

    This could be interesting community to you though, a bit more intimate but very cool for startups to collaboratively learn and grow

    1. 1

      Oh interesting, ill have to check that out! Yeah I really like the idea as well. Its a fun low key way to check things out and its not just another long list to scroll through.

  3. 2

    Ha this looks really fun, and interesting!

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