Choosing analytics and commenting tools

Hi bloggers :)

I used Medium last year to get started posting a few code/tutorial posts. But I prefer to control the website myself, so I've just switched to a static site built with Jigsaw.

Currently it doesn't have any analytics or commenting. I'd like to know who is reading and maybe get some feedback. My Medium traffic wasn't high, but it's still nice to get the stats email and 'claps'.

I'd like to use something other than Google Analytics, something less intrusive for visitors like Plausible or Fathom. But it's a low traffic, non-revenue generating blog and I don't want to pay for tools. Does anyone have recommendations for a good simple analytics tool with a decent free tier? I'm only really interested in the trend of page impressions and visitors, nothing beyond that.

Likewise, I'd like a simple JS widget to drop in for commenting - any recommendations?

And... wish me luck with having (yet another) attempt at regular blogging :) I've got a few drafts in Notion for the next few posts so hopefully I'll stay committed.

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    awesome!! keep going! hit that publish button!

    1. 2

      Thanks John. Hitting that ./deploy button right now!

      No updates on the comment/analytics yet. I decided to prioritise the next few posts over adding tech.

      I found a few self-hosted no-cookie analytics options which I intend to evaluate at some point. There might even be a blog in it 🍻

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        appreciate the follow on IH too!

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