🎁 Christmas promotions thread

Are you running a Christmas promotion? 🎁

Post it down below. πŸ‘‡

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    30 deals priced at dollar or less at digitalstockingstuffers.com

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    Save 98% πŸŽ… Bootsanta's Gorgeous X-Mas Bundle!
    Unleash Your Web Business To A Whole New Level!


    βœ… All You Need To Launch Your Websites
    βœ… All You Need To Build Clients Websites
    βœ… Extended/Multisite License
    βœ… Available w/ Agency License
    βœ… Tons of Sub-Bundles Inside
    βœ… Included Exclusive Bonuses
    βœ… Value Of $3065
    βœ… Today Only $39
    βœ… Your Savings $3026!!

    YOU'LL GET ALL-IN-ONE BUNDLE VALUE OF $3065! Today Only $39!
    500+ Website Templates + Generator + Social Proof


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    Beta Version of Lockdown book club is up. Original price is going to be $3 per month. However, It's FREE for early members.


    Ldbc.in website is a solution for organising what you are reading for easy retrieval in the future.
    Whenever you’re reading, use the Lockdown Book Club's website to capture the most interesting passages to save for later and to share with the Lockdown Book Club community.

    Early writers will get an "Author" tag for their profile.

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    Hi all! I am selling a notion space of useful 16 cold email templates I have collected or wrote myself. I have organized them into 7 categories, which means you will have a template for most occasions! Some examples include:

    • General Engagements (2 templates)
    • Opportunity Pitch (2 templates)
    • Sales (5 templates)
    • More

    I am selling these $1 right now: https://gumroad.com/l/hTXGK

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    This is my first time running a sale for AppReviewBot since I launched over 2 years ago, just thought I would try it out!

    All subscription plans are 30% off for life with code INDIEAPPSANTA at checkout.

    If you are interested in getting your mobile app reviews (or your competitors) in Slack or Microsoft Teams, check it out: https://appreviewbot.com/

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    This week is the 1 year anniversary of when I wrote the first tweets that would later evolve into my bestselling book, The Tiny MBA.

    To celebrate, paperbacks and ebooks are 33% off using the code 1YEAR in the checkout.

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    My "learn Elixir by building games" ebook is 50% off and I'm giving away 5 copies to people who comment on this tweet in the next 2 hours: https://twitter.com/AlchemistCamp/status/1341783321534025729

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    (The hustling journey of going through the phases of building, marketing, and eventually selling OSL within 3 months).

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    Write something really nice and let it stay on the internet forever, send them as gift and they'll never forget β€” https://typeyourname.com/

    Have got 3 sales so far.

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    Are you a first time founder looking to fundraise for your company?

    VenturesList is doing end of year sale at 50% off. Over 750 resources and tools to make your first funding round a huge success. Update every month.

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    Hi I am running a flat 90% off promotion on my site this is for depop auto follow tool that i am selling https://depopmate.com/

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