March 7, 2019

City-Scope: map search for drivers - feedback please

Daniel Chabanenko @dchabanenko

Hey guys,

Just launched a product, which has been my side project for the past 7 months:

This is a new take on map search for drivers. Instead of typing and scrolling through maps, you select what you are looking for and just keep driving. App understands the direction you are moving and scans for places en route and within short driving radius. When you like something, tap on it to start navigation.

It is still very much experimental, but should work now in ~90 countries (North America, Europe and Asia). This project was a tough one to launch, but it seems like something interesting, so I'd really like your opinion on it.

Thanks a lot

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    This seems like a great idea. As one commenter noted, I think the app would be most useful if you could specify some preferences.. for example, if I hit FOOD, I may not want to see fast food... or I may JUST want to see fast food if I'm on a road trip and need to get somewhere. If I am searching for ATMs, I may want to see my bank atms only and if I want to see a gas station, perhaps show their prices (I'm sure there is an API for that somewhere).

    Google maps has a feature like this already, but I found it lacking in ways I just described above.

    So in summary, to me at least, the app would be most useful if it took some preferences for me (perhaps via simple checkbox on most common types of companies within that field - like.. if I want coffee, perhaps in US it will show me Starbucks, Peete's coffee or Any real cafe that does mostly coffee / desserts.

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    Very interesting idea and usefull app
    Tip: can you change your domain name to something easy to remember

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    Hi Daniel,

    I like your idea and downloaded the app, though didn't use in practice. The idea is interesting and useful, need to add some features like I usually need ATM's of my bank only. Useful for Gas stations :)

    Good luck!

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