May 17, 2019

Classifieds website: Potential legal/regulatory issues


I am thinking about starting a classifieds websites (Like Craigslist). Should I be worried about legal/law enforcement issues?

For example, if someone posts a stolen bike to sell or posts age restricted advertisements on the website, will I be responsible for that?

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    Maybe you can copy and edit the terms of use straight from craigslist (at least during MVP phass)? seems safe to assume their legal wording will be comprehensive enough to cover you until you can pay for bespoke legal advice

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    Those issues are usually covered in the "terms of use" agreement, specifically a clause called "indemnification" which usually states that you - as the site operator - are not liable for the actions of users. My context is from the perspective of the US so I don't know how it works in other countries.

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    @mahdix if you don't mind my asking for curiosity sake, what kind of things are you thinking? Like super niche, super local or just doing what the others are doing, but you feel you can do it better.

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    For now no, but with the Article 13 and other bills coming that can change...

    Anyway you can always moderate the website...