May 27, 2019

Close to 50 emails in a couple of days!

Amr Kafina @AmrKafina

Last week, I decided to finally set up a landing page for a project I've been sitting on for the past couple of months: a minimalistic analytics service aimed at single-page and web applications:

The landing page is very minimal: a short blurb with a sign-up form. I managed to successfully publish another side project this past week on PH and HN, so I tried leveraging that traffic burst by including a link to TinyLens' landing page.

The results were great! The conversion rate of people visiting the website and then signing up is hovering at around 25%, which is a lot more than I expected. Over the next week, I'll try to reach out to all the sign-ups to learn more about what they do and why they're interested.

But this was definitely a win! #winning

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    Congratulations! That's very exciting!

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    Hey, this looks interesting - I would actually like to chat with you about it. Shoot me an email (it's in my profile and we can take if from there)

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    Congrats that is awesome!

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    Subscribed! Interested.

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