(CLOSED) Giving performance tips on your landing (After seeing hundreds in action!)

Franco here.

I'm the co-founder of a startup called https://abtesting.ai, a tool dedicated to improving the conversion rate of landing pages, with as little manual work as possible.

After seeing hundreds of different designs and test results, I think I have a pretty good idea of which are the specific changes that can improve or kill the conversion rate of your business.

I'm here to offer my service of landing page feedback to try and help you all out!

(sorry if this sounds cocky, it's not the idea)

I'll ask you to leave the URL and a short description of your project.

I'll try my best to give insightful and practical tips :)

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    Hey Franco!
    Here we go:

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      Wow! What a beautiful design.

      It seems like I won't be able to give you any basic advice on this one because you seem to understand very well the Above The Fold concept, your value proposition is clear, the design is simplistic, it draws the attention to the right places and social proof is looking solid.

      Congratulations! Really.

      One little thing could be the image. Yes. It shows me different types of banners, cool. But it doesn't really tell me how the tool will make me capable of speed through my design. Maybe you can try a GIF? It is a good place to show people what they are going to encounter once they sign up.

      Another thing that I'd recommend you or anyone else, is to A/B test (Not trying to self-promote here). While your product is clear, it may not be the best way to showcase it to your audience. Try some content testing, it won't hurt :)

      Designwise, it's a masterpiece (in my opinion)!

      Hope this helps.

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    Hello @franco_g

    Trying to be better Flipboard/Google News

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      A very interesting and refreshing approach to landing page design. I like it.
      It captures the velocity that the world moves at, and, with it, the noise that the overwhelming amount of news can make.

      That's good. You have the -problem- part. Now, you have to focus on explaining a bit better your solution to it.

      The texts don't really make that much sense to me, so I had to go to Flipboard's website to understand what you do.
      Maybe use a static text that explains what you do and your value proposition in a more direct way.

      Also, The background could use a big image or video.

      Good luck!

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        @franco_g Thanks for your advices, Franco. I’ll try to deliver my message more clearly.

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    Ok, I'll join:

    • https://pinbin.io
    • Pinbin is a all-in-one product management framework centered around validating product ideas to reach product market fit.

    Thanks in advance. :)

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      Ena! Sorry for the late response (GMT-3 here).

      The design is beautiful!

      The mountain is a great visual representation of the path entrepreneurs have to face to reach success.

      There are two things I want to talk to you about:

      • Branding: I'd go all the way with that comparison of the mountain climb. What do I mean? Make it your thing. Treat your users as Hikers or Climbers, and develop that allegory in your texts (the path they have to face, and PinBin as the tools that will make it easier).
        As I said, the mountain is a strong visual representation, pertinent to your tool, objectives and target audience. Besides that, climbing a mountain is kinda cool, ngl (who doesn't want to be cool).
        Treating your users as Climbers, also develops a sense of group, and "being part of" (very important when building a brand).

      • Performance:
        I like your headline, but it lacks the thing that makes you different from the competitors. I'm sure there are other companies that offer me reaching Market Fit; but what do you do differently that makes PinBin the right fit for my needs?
        In our case (ABtesting.ai) is the use of AI to make CRO easy, speedy and automatic. So yeah, maybe we are not the best fit for A/B testing experts with a lot of knowledge and time to A/B test, but we are great for entrepreneurs and SMEs, that need to invest their time in other things, but want to increase their conversion rate at the same time.
        Summing up, your headline must describe what you do, and your Unique Value Proposition (UVP).

      About copy: "We're distilling the best product management practices of today into a set of tools to help you validate your product and iterate your way to success."

      I'd be more direct. Remember that the visitor has to really understand your offer by only seeing Headline, Copy, Image and CTA. Then, the ones interested will scroll down.

      Try starting with "PinBin is..." (Something specific, like, "a Product Management Platform") that (helps you in this unique way to reach X goals).

      The CTA is looking good.

      About the image, If you could make it a GIF just so you can make the flag move, that would be awesome!! It'll also make reaching the top more enticing (in my opinion).

      That's pretty much it. Hope this helps!

      Again, love the design.

      I wish you success with the launch, let me know how it goes!

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    Productivity tool for individuals in collaborative spaces.

    Thanks for doing this!
    I actually just updated some of it and was planning to ask some feedback from the community anyway :)

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      I'd recommend you still ask for feedback in the community. There are some sharp eyes that will help you a ton.

      From what I can see, my tips are:

      It looks very nice. Just a few things:
      - The bright light blue from the background makes it very difficult to read. That + the beautiful GIF you show there, makes my eyes go nuts and I don't know where to pay attention.
      Maybe try with a light blue nearer to white, so you turn it down a bit but without losing the contrast with the text.

       - Switch the "your own space for managing your own work" segment with the one that says "Connects with the collaborative tools you use". It shows more the idea of your product as a control panel for different well-known and used tools. Also, for the ones that do not take the time to read, it may work as an unconscious social proof having all those big business logos.

      What the headline is telling me is "hi, I'm just like Asana". But if I scroll down, I discover you take it so much further than them. You connect different tools to have it all organized in one place (that great!).
      So, the headline needs to do two things at the same time:
      - Explain exactly why you do
      - And what's your value proposition (why the competitors suck when they compare to you). This is the unique angle of attack your product offers to solve a problem (in your case, disorganization).

      All of this, in the less amount of words possible (I know, wild).

      I'd get rid of "Your work is everywhere - Queues has you covered".
      Everything after that is brilliant! Straight to the point and shows value.

      Making it more personal could work. I'm thinking about "Get my early access" or "Get my early access now".

      BONUS: If you are working with early access, something that could work for you is putting a timer that shows the time that the early access has remaining, so people feel that FOMO and click like crazy.

      Hope this helps!

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        Thanks a lot Franco, these are all great and super helpful!
        Will definitely reiterate with these.

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