(Closed) Let me promote your product for Free (3rd edition)

Last time I asked for products to feature in the newsletter, I got 50+ products to feature in the Indie Letters newsletter. (sent to 1804 subscribers twice a week)

Collectively I got 100+ product submissions in last 2 rounds of free promotion. (1st & 2nd post link)

This time I am doing it again. So, mention your products like this.

P.S Product submissions who don't follow the mentioned format consider themselves dropped.

How to jump the ladder?
Products having more upvotes will be featured first than others.


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  1. 12

    join.coulf.com — a community for founders. Build meaningful relationships, better products, stay accountable and more. All made possible by the community. by @Dinakar

    Hope I'd get some upvotes for rushing here 😅😂

    1. 2

      You've been hustling so hard on this man, you deserve my upvote 😀 Long live coulf.

      1. 2

        Thanks much, Dago!

    2. 2


      Sorry, I got your intro message. I will do that today

      1. 1

        No worries at all. Will see you there today :)

    3. 2

      Thank you for doing this Falak (really mean it) ♥️

    4. 1

      Yah! A bump from me too - you go girl :)

      Okay bro, I got that helps :)


  2. 5

    Bolt - the easiest way for designers to collect visual feedback from clients and stakeholders, by @pips

  3. 4

    LF.gg/youtube - the best way to receive honest feedback for your product's page, and it's free. By @orliesaurus

  4. 2

    capsule.click - Make interactive product demos of your SaaS website in 1 click that your leads can try immediately, and get increased conversions by @himat

  5. 2

    https://www.webase.com - A platform for creating web applications without writing any code

  6. 2

    https://remotely.gg - remote job offers aggregator that brings more structure to job posts thus making possible to narrow the offers matching seeker's skills more easily and faster. by @cyclone

  7. 2

    Automatio.co — No code web automation & data extraction tool. Create bots, scrapers, API visually, and without writing a single line of code. @kinder

  8. 2

    Novo (banknovo.com) — a powerfully simple business banking platform with no hidden fees built for small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs by @notabank9

  9. 2

    spookey.io - Managed Ghost Publication Specially for NoCode Lovers by @saleheen

  10. 2

    I Can Now Code - a space for self-taught developers (including bootcamp grads) to list their profiles and showcase their works. by @namwa

  11. 2

    Pixel True - 150+ Free SVG Illustrations & animations, free for commercial and personal use. by @speedpoint

  12. 2

    Atrato.Page - let us build, measure and optimize your Landing Page while you focus on building your product by @AtratoPage

  13. 2

    https://saasstarterkit.app/ - Laravel-based SaaS starter kit with subscriptions, invoices, default pages, tests, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD and more by @karakanb

  14. 2

    Handypolls - Online poll creation tool. Create a poll and share the link or QR code with your friends or colleagues. Simple and friendly service for online voting. by @lemetriss, @kas, @Tirex

  15. 2

    C9 - WordPress themes and plugins that get results for creators who need the agency 'embedded in the code' with block templates and visual editing by @covertnine.

  16. 2

    Create HTML Boilerplate - Generate a vanilla HTML/CSS boilerplate in a flash, by @BraydenTW

  17. 2

    Nodewood - Save weeks or months of development time when you build with Nodewood - a web app starter kit that provides an application scaffold, user authentication, subscription management, and more! by @DanHulton

  18. 2

    iterspace — Share accurate feedback in seconds. Record your screen, click to comment, and get everyone involved — at any time. by @marcoz

  19. 2

    karenapp.io - simplest tool for consultants and freelancers to sell their time. by @jill_

    1. 1

      I love the name so much

      1. 1

        @Guido I'm glad you like it, may I ask for an upvote?

  20. 2

    https://devszero.com/ - A marketplace for developers to package and sell code scripts in form of microservices and serverless functions; by @felixhunter

    1. 1

      Plz add your username at the end also

      1. 1

        Fixed it - thanks for the correction.

  21. 2

    The Developer's Guide to Content Creation — an eBook and workbook that shows developers step-by-step how to regularly create new, quality content from ideation to publish. Purchased by over 1,100 devs. by @radiomorillo

  22. 2

    Moodistory - a low-effort mood tracking app for iOS to identify triggers for a positive and negative mind. Highly customizable, respecting your privacy and comes with Apple Watch support. by @chrisma

  23. 2

    Signature.email - A free powerful visual drag and drop editor for your email signature. Includes 20 templates and many different field types, made by @TheJester12

  24. 2

    Makezu - a Twitter Automation web app for small business, providing an end-to-end solution from lead activation to community growth and follower care. @FalakDigital

    Hope I'd get upvotes 😊

    1. 1
      1. Plz hyperlink "Makezu"
      2. Add your own IH username at the end of product description.
      1. 1

        Makezu - a Twitter Automation web app for small business, providing an end-to-end solution from lead activation to community growth and follower care

  25. 2

    CuratorList.com - A platform to create awesome lists & build a ❤ community. The place to create your "Top 10", "Best of", "How to", or any kind of curated list you imagine; by @pablius

    1. 2

      Perfect listing following the exact format

  26. 1

    BlurWeb App - helping people doing live screen sharing or recording video to making sure their sensitive information is secure by @indianappguy

  27. 1

    www.showreelapp.com — An app for creating, sharing and tracking video resumes @ajiabs

  28. 1

    Bagisto — An Opensource eCommerce Platform built on Laravel. by @sauravpathak

  29. 1

    truerev.com - a financial insights platform for SaaS companies. Get insights into your customers: contract value, renewals, MRR, churn, recurring revenue - all-in-one easy to use platform. by @rizvial

  30. 1

    Foot in the Door - A book about one software developers journey breaking into the tech industry and how they taught themselves to code - half personal story, half career advice; by @nprimak

  31. 1

    http://supercharge.dev/ - A full SaaS template based on Next.js/Firebase/Bulma to supercharge your development! by @harishv7

  32. 1

    We are in services industry and it would be great if you share anything for services' promotions.

  33. 1

    Himalayas - A remote job board that cares about design.

  34. 1

    StarMessage screensaver — View the current moon phase and write messages with the stars of the night sky; by @StarMessage

  35. 1

    SoftMeter — Instant product analytics for your Windows and MacOS desktop applications, by @StarMessage

  36. 1

    Ditto — an Agile approach to contract-based work. Integrated payments and project management for contractors and clients. by @WorkWithDitto

  37. 1

    odiolab.com - convert your audio files into text, with easy edit capabilities. Make your audio more accessible and searchable. By @asepbagja @retnoika.

  38. 1

    Noora - a product feedback management tool for SaaS companies by @Glenn

  39. 1

    tw500 - newsletter course with weekly tips to help small-sized twitter accounts grow their audience by @brunoraljic

  40. 1

    www.uption.io - short-term mastermind groups for reading books focused on entrepreneurship, personal development, history, philosophy, and more - join your first group for free; by @mikeneedle

  41. 1

    wyloapp.com - A social network that lets you explore your interests, connect with like-minded people and find insightful content on topics you love easier than ever.

  42. 1

    hiretheverified.com- connecting business with the pre-vetted freelancers instantly, by @ankur_unitalks

  43. 1

    TinyMentions: simple, clean, and friendly Twitter analytics. By @federicopascual

  44. 1

    Cloutly — an all-in-one reviews aggregation platform for marketers. Get more reviews for your business on any review site, see and respond to cross-platform feedback and showcase live reviews on your website, all from the one dashboard.

    by @realfeal

  45. 1

    Built To Fail— an email course for building your Startup and trying out ideas without spending any time and money. by @jonromero

  46. 1

    Vikunja - the to-do app to organize your life and your next project, by @kolaente

  47. 1

    CodeWire - Premium Ghost theme for Science, Tech and Creative Bloggers.

  48. 1

    vendle - 💰 a platform to monetize content straight from your google drive by @iamchris and @jringer.

    Thanks for doing this. 😊

  49. 1

    tinido.com - a to-do list and task manager app which shows the activities like GitHub contribution calendar, and motivate you with the inspirational quote. by @quangctkm9207

    1. 1

      Thank you @FalakDigital for your time of helping the community.

  50. 1

    https://thecodingcards.com - Data Structure and JavaScript Flashcards. by @sharjeelsidd

  51. 1

    https://nomad-district.com We are a co-living program for digital nomads that are looking to travel the world while working on the road. We've designed a 2021 route based on the top destinations for digital nomads. I would appreciate if y'all could check out our website and follow our instagram page 😄🌍

  52. 1

    Hashtag Slayer — an tool to help online business owners use hashtags to grow their account and reach more clients with every post. By @danicapierce and @triangle

  53. 1

    Small Tech Business - Newsletter that contains a weekly collection of inspiring content for indie founders of small tech businesses. Perfect for more tech-focused founders. By @jstnchu

  54. 1

    flurly.com - Sell any digital product in under a minute and keep 99.9% of what you make. No monthly fees either.

    Thank you for your service!!

  55. 1

    Xoba - the fastest way to search across your Google Drive and other applications by @Drbasa and @rrahul24

  56. 1

    http://characterz.design/ - biggest 3D illustrations library in the world

  57. 1

    Pagereview.io - A powerful visual feedback tool that even lets you add CSS edits in your feedback.

  58. 1

    Dont Text - An app to block annoying spam text messages, by @tylerk

  59. 1

    Tappy provides your team with a simple and quick way to break down communication barriers with our real-time communication software. One-click to talk, and you are connected. Tappy.so

  60. 1

    FundStory - the operation system for non-dilutive capital by @rogilbert215

  61. 1

    Mightyboards - start a job board for your community - no coding necessary. Built in public by @samlevy

  62. 1

    indiestack.co :) A private community for indie entrepreneurs.

  63. 1

    Crowdfunded - a database with extensive data on 2.000+ crowdfunding campaigns by @marcospoerl

  64. 1

    3outcomes — the hyper-focus task manager that filters what shouldn't be done at all so you could achieve goals faster

  65. 1

    Imaginarie - Meditation through imagination for creativity, joy, insight, and sleep. By @elena_cz

  66. 1

    Beyond the Failure - a weekly newsletter about seeing beyond the failure by analyzing individuals and companies who became successful after experiencing failure.

  67. 1

    totalvehiclechecker.co.uk - Check a UK vehicle's history. Avoid buying a car with outstanding finance, recorded as stolen or 50 other data points of potential misery.

  68. 1

    WP Livestream - a WordPress plugin for live streamers. Automatically embed your livestream and notify your visitors. By @nathanp

  69. 1

    GrowmySaaS - Database of 150+ growth and conversion strategies for SaaS startups.

  70. 1

    codingclub.io - A platform to introduce coding to children from underserved communities and encouraging more young people to get into stem by @LolaA

  71. 1

    sex.sc — Receive 5 fun/educational facts about sex everyday to your inbox. Educating and creating sex positive society through information. By @grandape52

  72. 1

    MY blog URL : https://treanches.digitalpress.blog
    What do you think about my blog???
    Are there any suggestions/improvements you like to give me???

  73. 1

    Product Names — Available domains for inspiration or new projects 🚀 by @sxsio

  74. 1

    Linkush - Increase conversion rate and brand awareness by attaching a Call-to-Action overlay to every link you share by @ran.

  75. 1

    https://bubblin.io by @marvindanig.

    Publish native books on the web. And binge read with friends! 🔥🔥🔥

  76. 1

    The Personality Reveal - Infer your personality from written text by @felixmelchner

  77. 1

    FeedLetter.co - Get instant feedback from your newsletter readers with my simple zero-friction feedback tool.

  78. 1

    FinPlan.io - a simple and free tool to create a Financial Plan for your business. by @BerlinProducts

  79. 1

    Super Monitoring - monitoring websites and web apps for uptime, speed, proper funtioning and more. Powered by Superheroes. ;) by @konradcaban

  80. 1

    Dev Concepts (https://dev-concepts.dev), an e-book explaining all of the software development concepts for aspiring full-stack developers / software crafters. By https://www.indiehackers.com/dSebastien

  81. 1

    uxgigs.co – Remote freelance and contract UX/UI design jobs sent to your inbox every week. By @austerberry

  82. 1

    removeit.io - Image background removal webapp for everbody who needs the background of their images removed.

  83. 1

    Undersend - a platform for automated email campaigns based on users' activities for SaaS'es by @exdeve & @devhulk

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