Clubhouse January 24, 2021

Clubhouse is trying to become the next big creator platform

Channing Allen @channingallen
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    I just got an invite to ClubHouse and joined a room where people talked about passive income. Someone started a conversation on whether social media platforms like FB will copy ClubHouse. A guy that worked at FB chimed in and said this:

    "I don't think Clubhouse is a platform. I think it's a feature (like web stories) that eventually all social media sites are going to have".

    It made a lot of sense.

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      Isn't Twitter already testing something like Clubhouse?

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    It's a promising app but a $1B valuation is crazy.

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      They raised $10M in 05/20. Undisclosed amounts in 07/20 and 01/21. So let's roughly guess $50M which at 20 times VC return gives $1B.

      Crazy yep but given clubhouse is drawing in celebrities (large followings) and are already putting monetisation in place then hey it has a good chance of growing to the point where one of the big players snaps it up for $1B+.

      Will be interesting to see how it pans out.

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        They raised closer to $100M from 180 or so investors via SPV.

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    Article aside, any indie hackers on Clubhouse? I've seen a lot of conversations related to business or SaaS but I haven't seen much tailored for the indie hacker crowd yet.

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      I'm @jjude. Follow me there

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    How can I get an invitation? Does anyone know it?

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      I went to Twitter, searched “clubhouse” and started messaging people that mentioned they had invites. 30 minutes and $10 later I was invited! 😅🤷🏻‍♂️

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    and just yesterday I tried listing down points which has helped clubhouse to build its network effect. I found 11 here let me know if you have some additions

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    I just got my invite into Clubhouse too. oh groan, not another life-sucking social platform. the first "recommended" talks made me just want to scream! and if it asks for access to my address book one more flippin time I swear I will...

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    I tried dropping-in in a few discussions but imo I don't see clubhose as adding value right now. So many people talking about so many things. Podcasts are doing a better job for the purpose.
    But it still is valued at $1B so what am I missing?

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    A $1B valuation for an app that hasn't even launched yet (officially)? What am I missing?

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        Makes sense, fear is a great motivator.

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    I'd love an invite if anyone has one, thanks.

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    Would anyone like to send me an invite? :)

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    i hope i'm so wrong about this platform...

    ... but, it doesn't seem like it's advancing what i think they are marketing.

    ... i know i hold a minority position here. :)

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      I agree with you and In all honesty, I don’t think it’s anything spectacular and at $1B valuation, I think very overhyped by all these VCs, but that’s just me.

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        hopefully we're wrong...? :)

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      I am with you and more. it is utter social media drivel - come on world, we can do better than this!!

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        there will be more!

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      I'm with you. I think it is great for the purpose of moving what was "a panel of speakers at an event" to a virtual space, so good for big name speakers. But other than that, I don't see any significant value. It is still exciting now but very soon it is going to fall apart. What gets built fast, get destroyed fast.

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        I think the value relies on their concept of "spontaneous conversation", something the tech space is truly lacking as of now.

        Being the first has some perks, ngl.

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          what do you do with those though?

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            The sky is the limit, innit? Vine popularized short 7s videos and the rest is history. I'm feeling something similar here, not because of the product, but the whole "drop-in audio chat" thing, it just feels like something people can exploit endlessly, IMO.

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              I think the team at Clubhouse is still figuring it out. They made a good start generating a good buzz, now they will have to move fast to figure out how to retain users. I've just been invited to join a Clubhouse session to share my experience in building in public, so I'm seeing the trend is moving from having an official event (say Zoom or Hopin) to having a cozy conversation on Clubhouse.

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                I really love the concept, been looking for something like this for a while now. I might buy myself a new iPhone just to try it out!

                And I see the trend too (not that I agree with that valuation though), but I'm curious about what's @8bit referring up there? Where did they deviate from?

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                this is very fair:

                I think the team at Clubhouse is still figuring it out.

                yup. give them some time.

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        good points here.

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    Joined literally 3 days ago, looking forward to see what the hype is all about !

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    I saw the following headline a few days ago and had to scratch my head:

    Clubhouse gets investment interest at $1 billion valuation

    I couldn't wrap my mind around "$1 billion valuation."

    But now, Clubhouse's ambitious roadmap is becoming a little clearer:

    This funding round will also support a "Creator Grant Program" being set up by Clubhouse, which will be used to "support emerging Clubhouse creators" according to the startup’s blog post. While the app has done a remarkable job attracting creator talent, including high-profile celebrity and political users, directing revenue towards creators will definitely help spur sustained interest, as well as more time and investment from new creators who are potentially looking to make a name for themselves on the platform, similar to YouTube and TikTok influencers before them.

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      What's the market size of this creator economy?

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        Creator economy is getting bigger and bigger, probably because 2020 is such a year that everyone is home and going online. Not sure about the size but can see more happening around. E.g. Gagan and Wes are creating a company for creating cohort-based courses

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          I can't picture this, hopefully it's radically different than edX, Coursera and the like. Thanks for sharing!

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        the entire planet is the market. "if I could just get 1% of all humans to open my app,... I'll be a millionaire". please someone save us from yet another social media pile of time-zapping nothingness.

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