Ideas and Validation July 13, 2020

CMS that dynamically changes your website based on visitor's LinkedIn profile

Matteo Mosca @matteomosca

How about a CMS that, given a LinkedIn profile, changes copywriting and contents of your website accordingly whit that person's role, skills and recent activities?

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    Very interesting idea Matteo. I haven't yet tested this tool but check out:

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      This tool is cool. You built it @bflitter?

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        I did not create it. Love the concept to make the site more relevant to visitors.

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      Great, that is exactly what I mean! Wondering if something similar exists for Webflow or Squarespace

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        The limit with this plugin is the quality and quantity of insights you can scrape from an unknown visitor.

        The cut I would give to the idea is a bit different.
        Imagine you're about to do an outbound sales campaign with a list of leads for which you have all the LinkedIn profiles associated... let's say a newsletter.

        The tool would generate an instance of your website for each lead based on their LinkedIn profile, returning a list of links like this:

        You then embed in your newsletter that dynamic link, different for each lead. This way you increase the chance to convert them into customers as you are showing contents accordingly with their skills/roles/recent activities, in other words stuff that resonate with their interests

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    Are you suggesting it as a user or a builder? if you think of building something like that, consider an extension to an existing CMS in a marketplace style add-on...

    Mainly email internet marketers or people who run big ad campaigns customise landing pages, either fixed or dynamically by gathered data or parameters passed from different stages...
    IDK if you just want to dynamically embed the person title or you have some complex logic that you want to embed...
    IIRC Zendesk has a tracking widget (for own sites) that feeds back to the users profile data and can probably be used conditionally on other pages, due IDK if it would provide the CMS functions you want.

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      Nice point, yeah I was thinking about Webflow or Squarespace! They don't have such thing (something similar for wordpress has been mentioned by @bflitter above

      At the beginning I would target a niche of outbound salespeople whom do a lot of outbound sales, and whom have a sales process that relies on how content is sorted... some ideas that comes up to mind:

      • Professional e-commerce like (products in home page sorted in a way that can impress that specific visitor)
      • [Covid-19 alert] Travel Agencies (sorting available travels in home page)

      Just thinking out loud

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    Love this idea. This is the future of marketing and UX especially as artificial intelligence continues to improve. I read an article late last year that detailed how websites in the future will cater content and present layouts according to previous behavior of a visitor. The idea that you’re positing here is very much based on that functionality. It sounds exciting. I know several platforms are using this tech already.

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      Awesome Abel! Can you tell me what platforms do you know that use the same tech/concept?

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