May 17, 2019

Coda anyone?

Doulos Jose @doulos

Anyone here using Coda? I would like to understand how you use it and learn/get some idea on how to use it for a new business i am working on. TIA :)

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    I love the concept, but I hate that everything is behind the Coda interface, and you always need to login into coda to use the docs...

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      I never thought about that @justpaulo! But then that also keeps your content secure, and hence desirable right?

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        No, just makes everything unbrandable because you have the Coda brand/interface all over, plus everything look the same, like a Google drive or Word.... And for that reason, im not going to use Coda.

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    I am using Coda. Not for business, but rather for fun and possible consulting opportunities (doc building for hire). Ask away!

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      Thanks for responding @PaulD. I am curious as to why you use coda over any other solution. For project management?

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        I just got to know Coda due to the Product Hunt festival they were doing lately. I was stuck with my main project and needed a distraction. I looked into Coda and it seemed perfect to re-create one of my old ideas, an original self-motivation / productivity technique. That’s how I learned it and grew to like it actually.

        I'm not using it for project management because I had already picked Trello and didn't want to move everything over. But I'm tracking my progress on my main project using the aforementioned technique. And sometimes I’m also experimenting whether this or that thing is possible with Coda — like this snake game.

        P.S. Also I didn't look much into competition. Notion is nice, but it doesn't have actions — it's a competitor more to OneNote than to Coda. And I never really played with Airtable, but I know that you can't use much of that in a free plan. And Coda is all free for now.