Coding Standards and Naming Conventions

Good coding standards and naming conventions makes it so you can find code faster, read and understand it easily, and increase reusability. One hour of forethought and planning can prevent literally hundreds of hours of unnecessary upkeep, straining for interpretation, and possible future bugs.

Readability - Text Searching - Consistency - Reusability

On average programmers spend 10 hours reading code for every 1 hour of actual coding. If Coding Standards are used properly this can be reduced significantly. Imagine having to work 11 hours and knowing 10 of those hours will be reading and deciphering code so you can do one hour of coding and inserting it into the proper locations. If Coding Standards are strictly adhered to it is completely possible to change that so in an 8 hour day you spend only 4 hours reading code and the other 4 hours actually coding. Work 3 hours less and be 4 times more productive!


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