March 13, 2019

Cold email recommendation.


I am using Mautic from sending cold emails but I figure out a bug that brakes my campaign. I posted on their git and I saw they have a lot of unsolved bugs and also pull requests.
I am looking for other software that can be used with cold email. I prefer to be a one-time payment or yearly payment.
My budget is around 20$ per month.
Any recommendations?
Thank you.

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    Hi there,

    I have used Mautic, but it didn't meet with our expectations too.

    There are several tools which I have used with AeroLeads.

    2. Yet Another Mail Merger
    3. Gmass
      The pricing often depends on the number of emails that you want to send.
      To share the legit tool for your campaign may I know how many emails you're willing to send per month.
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    With your budget I'd get set up with with GSuite and YAMM.
    you won't get advanced features like with mailshake but you should be getting to inboxes.

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    If you have subscription to Google for business, you can use Google's SMTP server. Otherwise, I have used It's owned by mailchimp.

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    Tough at that price range.

    You could try lemlist - pretty decent and just within your budget.

    My favourites are and - but both out of your price range.

    Have also heard good things about (but never used it).

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    Do you use your personal email like gmail/outlook or are you looking for something like Mailchimp?

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      Amazon Ses or Mailgun. My emails send from my hosting arrive in Spam folder.