Cold email results and questions

I started a cold email campaign. I sent around 200 emails. Open rate is 53%. 5 make answer to email. 1 request a demo.

  1. I saw a lot to emails opened is second 2. Is something that open the emails instant?
  2. Is best to have company logo in cold email?
  3. If the email was opened but I didn’t received any answer should try to send second email or not?
    Thank you in advance
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    We've found from our own cold email outreach, that 6-7 emails is the optimum number in a sequence.

    For us, until they take action (reply or click CTA in email), as long as they don't bounce or unsubscribe, we keep sending emails in the sequence.

    We don't use logo, but we do have a personalised image to the recipient, that includes our product, with clients logo in it. - generally the prospect doesn't give a crap about your brand, but will care a lot about their own. So if you can show how their brand looks with your product, this is much more impactful than just your logo ;)

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    Even your SMTP is also responsible for the open rate of your campaign.

    And if we talk about the second follow-up, it always makes sense if you have not been replied for the first email.

    For the email marketing campaign, I have used AeroLeads + Woodpecker and got ridiculously great reponse for my campaign

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    There is an industry of people and companies doing this (cold outreach, email automation etc) so you should be able to find many answers online on best practice.

    My 2c:

    1. Yes a lot of people are addicted to email and will open stuff immediately. When I send thousands, I will have a high percentage of that view within 10m.
    2. If it's a normal part of your sig, then it's fine. If it's anything that looks like a marketing email, it discourages engagement.
    3. Yes, it's pretty common to send even 3-4 follow ups in email automation (with different content obviously).
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    Congrats @mangusta86 for sending emails out. To answer your questions:

    Some people open their emails as soon as it comes in.

    I'd stay away from adding a logo to your first email. the fewer the links and attachments in the first email the better it is for your deliverability.

    def send a followup email 1-3 days later with more information to share and a different call to action at the end. Still, keep the email short.

    Keep going in small batches (50-200) until you get an idea of what best to say in the email that gets people interested.

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