March 10, 2019

Cold emails for SaaS?

Usama Ejaz @usamaejaz

I am going to start cold emails for my SaaS (social media management tool -

Anyone doing cold emails for SaaS? Any success? How are you doing it?

I am also considering using Woodpecker for cold emails. Anyone using it?

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    I have tried to do so manually. It was very time consuming to send 40 emails, just straight up from my Gmail account. I got 1 paying customer out of it.

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    I built a system that was very successful in getting demos set up and then decided to make it into a full-fledged product. It's an end-to-end tool that finds leads and emails for you and then uses a multiarm bandit to find the best subject/message.

    Check it out at

    I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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      It would also be nice if we can just get the leads from this service. I mean, it feels too much to do to switch the current cold mailing service/tool without any solid reason.

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      I hope this is not offensive, but I played around with your website and found it confusing. The fact that you don't mention any integrations and pricing up front left me kind of unhappy.

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        Thanks for taking a look! Our pricing is 15 cents per person contacted, which includes discovering the lead, finding their email, and then actually sending the message. You can upload a CSV to prevent double emailing.

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    I do.

    I'd throw into the ring my own app that finds the emails for you, then I use MailShake to send them :)

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    Hi Usama,

    I too use Woodpecker, and I get up to 60% open rate for my email campaigns.

    Also, before sending I make sure to verify my email list with to get a good response for my email campaign and also to avoid the bounce rate.

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    Why choose this over buffer?

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      Why would someone use Buffer over this?

      While probably no big enough reason for existing Buffer customers to switch over, they haven't got 100% of their possible market.

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        That's right. I agree.

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        the question was posed to the founder and not to a random know-it-all.

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          I was adding to the discussion.

          But someday, if at all possible, you should show us what you've built. :)

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              It's an online discussion board, not a personal Q&A with the founder. All replies are by default unsolicited.

              I won't reply to your name calling and hate comments, but you're using this website wrong.

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      While Buffer has a stable presence which has been improved throughout the years, Buffer is usually enough if you need a simple solution.
      SocialBu has many features which have their own value. SocialBu is geared toward more like an all-in-one social media automation platform.
      I have planned features and tools for organic growth of social presence, for example.

      Why choose this over buffer? Price can also be a reason or any of the feature which is not in Buffer. For example, SocialBu automations.

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    I am sendings right now the cold emails. I use Mauric for sending emails.
    Until now the results are: 200 mails sent, 53% open rate, 5 compleate a firm (call to action)

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        Mautic is an open source software for sending email campaigns and more.

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