Growth March 26, 2020

Cold Mailing - What I did & what I got

Thomas Malicet @ThomasMalicet

Today I posted a thread on Twitter to give details on feedback I received from my the cold mailing campaign:

First I decided to not go blindly and I picked the people carefully. Some of them I know their work very well and some not so much but their bio seemed a perfect fit.

So, explaining briefly that I am working on a writer's app (, I asked 2 questions:

  • What are the features you use the most?
  • Which ones are missing?

Through emails and contact forms, I probably contacted around 60 writers. And I received around 12 responses. Surprisingly, it was mostly from the busiest and most famous of them.

I only received one negative response. The rest was incredibly insightful and I started conversations with some of them.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied because it is like a focus group but easier to organize (and cheaper of course).
I didn't get much new users, it was not the point of it. In my email, I didn't pushed people into trying my app (some of them did).

Any thoughts on what I could have done differently?

  1. 1

    "Surprisingly, it was mostly from the busiest and most famous of them." I wonder why that is.

    1. 2

      Yes, I heard someone say "It's the most successful people who respond the quickest" and it's definitely true.

      I had clients who spend their time saying "sorry, I haven't responded yet" "I didn't have time" etc. And you know that they are the less reliable and less professional.