College econ student, looking to trade time for experience

Hi all, (non-trad, 29 yo) college student here, studying in Tokyo, then graduating in summer. I'm looking for develop actual skills (SQL, Excel, web-flow design, writing) as my college experience hasn't provided that. And I haven't found the time/motivation to do so extracurricularly.

I realistically have like 5 hours a week to give to a project. I have experience creating content for the recently somewhat deceased social app, TruStory. I also made an MVP by modifying a React/Meteor boilerplate. But my skills, if they were ever polished, are rusty.

That's it! If you're working on something cool or want to compensate me ~20/hour to do not fun stuff, hit me up! Thanks all, hope today goes well.

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    Are you up for a remote physical job in the real world? I am working on a remote shopping app, launching it soon, will need someone to go around Shibuya area, shop for some small items at indoors retail locations and then ship the items to people in other countries. 5 hours a week is a good start, and 20 USD/hour is exactly what I had in mind. Do you want to discuss further?

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      Hey, I don't have the bandwidth for that right now, apologies and best of luck.

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        Good luck to you too!

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    Hi! I actually run a small community server for recent grads (w/ CS Degrees) helping them continue their growth to finding a job. I constantly discover just how behind universities are in terms of preparing students with modern/current programming practices, and understand your need. I would suggest understanding what language you are trying to pursue, first. Best advice is to master only one language/path when you start out, then broaden your skills. I see that you played with "reactjs", so I will recommend some quick scenarios to keep you progressing with the limited time you can give...

    freecodecamp.org: This site has turned into a 'full' service for front end web development. They have a community of people just like you, mixed with less skilled, and professionals. I highly recommend it.

    Next is a collection called "You don't know JS (JaveScript)" by a person named "Kyle Simpson". THe books are geared towards those who understand the language... but a couple books focus on the basics.... the best part is he hosts the EBOOKS on GitHub for free, and constantly updates them.

    One last tip that I never hear enough: You like React? Download the source code.... Your want to use NodeJS, start reading the documentation.... and don't just "read", build... build a blog app, and document your progress every week,... Don't look at examples.... create the examples.... Hope this helps.

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    What's the best way to reach you? My team could use some blogging help if you're interested :)

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      Hi, does your team need additional help with that blogging. Will be more than happy to come on board.
      Do let me know.

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        Thanks for commenting! Can you shoot me an email at [email protected] with a bit about yourself and some writing samples?

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      Hey! Email works well: owenfernau at gmail.com. Looking forward to talking :)

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