March 27, 2019

Colorffy - Resources, gradients, palettes, tools and more for designer and developers

Giancarlos Garza @giancarlosgza

✌️ Hiii!
👨‍💻 I'm Gian and with my friend Eli, we are college students very proud and happy to announce the launch of Colorffy v2.0 after months of hard work!

It's a design website, where you can search for color gradients and palettes, get color codes like hex, rgb, hsl and cmyk. Here are some cool features:

🎨 Some cool color gradients and palettes with some color codes like hex, rgb, hsl & cmyk.
💻 Preview UI elements (buttons, badges, navbars, cards), with differents gradients, css codes and images downloads.
💡 We have some cool generators like for color gradients, random colors and get colors from images.

❤️ Thanks and I'll love hear some feedback about the site!


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    I like how easy it is to use. Good job!

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    I love resources like this. However, I use and for those needs now.

    What sets Colorffy apart from those?

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      Because if you visit
      You can see how the color gradients is applied in some UI Elements like cards, buttons, navbar, etc. And with more things like RGB, HSL, CMYK and HEX.

      And that’s just from the gradient section

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        Good answer. I was testing you... to see how you'd respond to the comparison. :)

        Couple small things I'd like:

        1. Maybe a few preset color searches I can click to to gradients/pallettes based on colors.

        I know I can search, but if there was a bar above the search that had a row of colors to click, that's a smoother UX.

        1. Click to copy code.

        I see the popup with the CSS code contains the gradient in each direction. That's nice, but if I could click it to copy that's nicer. ;)


        I've bookmarked Colorffy. I'll try to add it io my workflow and see if there are other things to report.

        Good luck!

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          Oh what a surprise haha, thanks! I’m gonna update the site with those feature that you told me.

          And yes, It’ll be fantastic if you report me more things for feedback!