Com or Dev TLD for my new site?

I have secured both the .com and .dev TLDs for my domain name which I will be using to launch a tool targeting web developers. I am debating which one to use as the canonical URL for my service. On the one hand, ".com" is standard and expected. On the other hand, ".dev" is a signal that it's for developers. Naturally, I will have the one I don't use forward to the other so both will work, but which would you recommend that I use?

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    Actually, it reminds me that @dvassallo initially planned to use the .dev domain for his UserBase project.

    But then, after a while, he decided to get the .com domain.
    His project is dealing with the users' personal data, so going with .com improves the overall project authority and strengthens trust.

    In short: if you have .com then go with it.

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    I think you should always go with .com if that's an option for you.

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    Good job on buying both - you don't want a competitor or domain squatter to hop on them.

    I'd use the .com since that's the most recognized. But I see your point about the .dev for some markets.

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      Hmm, is it legal to buy a domain for an existing brand just for the sole purpose of reselling it at a higher price? I am not sure that is allowed. For example, it's most likely illegal to buy now (if it didn't exist) "google.io" and then try to sell it to Google or create a competing Google product on that domain.

      That being said, the internet is a wild place, so most likely this can and does still happen.

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        I don't answer legal questions for anyone but paying clients :-)

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    .com all the way for SEO and image of product.

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