Beta Testing October 27, 2020

Come join me and start Kollooding!

Matthew Freire @mattfreire

Hey, beta testers!

I've recently launched a project called Kollood, which is a community for indie hackers and creators to collaborate in a more fun and action-focused way.

I'd love for you to test out the site. It's completely free.

The main feature is to add an opportunity to collaborate. These opportunities can be from landing page feedback to partnering up.

Right now I've focussed on the most basic types of collaboration, and over time I'll build out the features to support more complex ones.

Nevertheless, I'd be extremely grateful for you to come on over and start Kollooding!

  1. 1

    @mattfreire Quite an interesting concept!
    I'm curious, did you build the website yourself or used a website builder like wix or webflow?

    1. 1

      Thanks for the interest! I built it using Django.

      1. 1

        Haha I was about to guess the same. That's really great.
        You should check out my product, in case you are into web designing and development!

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