Landing Page Feedback October 21, 2019 Could you please provide us feedback about our landing?


Do you understand what we do? Does the design helps? Thanks in advance!

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    Design is good. The tool is to rate meetings.

    Here's the questions that came to my mind. I'm not saying you need to answer them; It's just where my mind went.

    • Is there's any framework upfront (or maybe blog post)? I'd like to start with some guidelines for to make better meetings before jumping into getting critiqued on them.
    • Is the feedback anonymous?
    • We already do a lot of things for meetings. Does this seamlessly flow into the meeting notes that are already sent out?
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      Hi and thank you for taking the time to answer! Let me answer to your points.

      1. Well, we are approaching this differnelty. First you (and your colleagues) rate your meetings. Then, based on data we can propose some "challenges" to improve.
      2. Yes, both notes and comments are anonymous and you cannot see other ratings until you rate a meeting.
      3. Now is not integrated with notes (as they don't happen in each meeting). You can rate/see ratings directly on your GCalendar event, trnasofmring oyur calendar also in your meeting quality dashboard.
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    You're very welcome. Good luck with the project!

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    Nice design.

    Small correction. On the about page, first block of text, last line:

    ‘feels’, should be ‘feel’.

    And, farther down, the contact info is cut off, above the Barcelona headline. Looks like excess margin overlapping.

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      Wow! Thank you! I revised everything a 100% and didn't see that! Good points! Thanks!

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    The overall design looks very good.

    Hero's heading and subheading are too general. They should clearly express what your product does (heading) and how or why people should care (subheading)

    The same goes for the CTA at the end of the page. It's a slogan ("Life is too short to spend it on boring meetings") and slogan don't convert well unless you are a well-known corporation.

    The "What people say" part is misleading. You took quotes about meetings but to a distracted users could look like feedback on your product. In fact, "what people say", "what they say", and so on are used to introduce customers' reviews.

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      Thank you for your inputs Luqa! It's true that maybe those more aspirational things are not helping us, at this moment. Very interesting inputs about how to increase our conversion rates. I'm thinking of doing some A/B testing with your inputs. Thanks!

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