Landing Page Feedback October 13, 2020

Comment your website we'll rewrite your landing page copy

Harry Dry @harrydry
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    ??? so lots of people posted their website but where is the copy???

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    Thanks for doing this @harrydry. Mine is SEOly

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      First thing I would do is check the spelling error on the Get Started input forms.

      "First Nmae".

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    @harrydry Thanks a lot for helping out the community!

    Here's my product,

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    @harrydry, thank you for helping the community. I'd like to participate with

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    Is this still available haha?

    Would be great to hear your feedback on VenturesList

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    This is awesome, thanks!

    Here's our website:

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    Thanks for doing this! I'd love to hear your thoughts on TiliShop

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    Great idea @harrydry. If you want to check out Startup Sanctuary if you have some time, that would be amazing!

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    Thanks you, @harrydry for this work.
    Here is mine: Hodho

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      I generally lean forward when I analyse :P

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    Would love your input, Harry!
    Here's ours:

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    Adding to the list...

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    Glad for the value you intend to provide. Here's mine: Thanks in advance

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    Hey Harry love to get your thoughts on the pre-alpha version of Delighted - 🙏

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    Hey Harry. Thoughts on
    You can use it to preview the homepage copy changes too if you want. I don’t mind :)

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    I'm a subscriber and a fan. Thanks for this!

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    Thanks for doing this and I really appreciate it @harrydry :) This is what our team is currently building Pez.AI - Natasha (AI Social Media Manager)

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    Hey Harry! Big fan of Marketing Examples. Im from the No-Code community and built

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    Let's try it! AnalystsNow, newsletter metrics done for you:

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    I've featured one of your case studies in my growth strategies database!

    Thanks Harry!

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    In the middle of updating the copy would love your take

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    Well played Harry!

    Would appreciate your feedback.


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    @harrydry I’ll bite! Take a look at thank you!

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    Thanks for the offer. Here's my project website -

    If you get a chance to look at it.

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    Sweet, Harry! Take a look -> Thanks in advance.

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    My new product :
    Thanks for doing this and congrats on your milestone

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    Sounds great, please have a look at

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    Ok, here is my new version of

    I am quiet lost to be honest.

    Thank you thousands!!

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    Nice! - I'm always iterating on this but landed on something I think is pretty good.

    Happy for it to be improved even further.

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    Oh please, the idea is to provide templates with funcionality so is a mvp for every entrepreneur

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    This comment was deleted 7 days ago.

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    This comment was deleted 7 days ago.

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    This comment was deleted 7 days ago.

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    This comment was deleted 4 days ago.

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