Community builders - where do you find participants?

I started the thruhikes forum (https://forum.thruhikes.net) a few weeks ago and have had a really good group of people join. I want this community to grow slowly and deliberately and have been personally reaching out to people, both in my own networks and in other online communities, to do so. The community has around 30 people in it now and I'd like to grow that by 2-3 per week.

I'm curious as to how others grow their communities and whether they think about how quickly/slowly they'd like to grow them.

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    Nice hiking community! If you'd like to list it on the "outdoors" topic of Hive Index, I'd be happy to help you grow your community.

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      thank you! that looks great - I'll get to listing on there :)

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    Meetup groups, Reddit subs, Facebook groups Then find out how to penetrate them

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      any tips on how to you penetrate group? is it something that you've done before? what's your experience been?

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    You can submit your community to directories:

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    join other communities and just help out... it takes time, but, it's a simple way of starting.

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      thanks, yeah, this is basically what I've been doing

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    Have create a thread on getting initial users by creating FOMO https://twitter.com/malavwarke/status/1349955808864264194 do check might be helpful

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    Not related to the post but just out of curiosity, are you eventually going to monetize it?

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      no, I won't monetize the community. my plan is to create a number of tools which serve the community (and similar people outside the community) and make money in that way.

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