Community Building Tips via Jeff Lawson (Twilio CEO)

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    A legend!🤘

    "Meaning, make sure that everyone touches the customer and the problem(s) that you’re trying to solve"

    Not always "lean" but it sure gets the team connected to the community!

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      i'm building a tool that will hopefully help this happen all the time.

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        Eey cool, anything online yet for a sneak peek?

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          YES! we are building in the open! it's something i believe in: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/building-in-the-open-buildintheopen-51b3ae613b

          and you can see our progress via the indie hacker blog: http://yensquad.com

          ... and on twitter:

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            Hey cool! You got a ton of valuable content. Just watched your family vs startup vlog. You got a super honest voice.

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              thanks! i just try to be clear and plain with what's going on. no bullshit.

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    As a developer, I've been following Twilio (and Jeff) for years...

    ... and i've always found his perspectives very useful for community building!

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