Community Building May 29, 2020

Community Challenge: Save $100 per Month!

John Saddington @8bit

I shared this tweet and I wanted to make sure that my friends here on Indie Hackers also take time, especially at the beginning and ending of each month, to review your finances and operating expenses.

A fun and somewhat arbitrary goal, every month, is to see if I can find at least $100.00 in monthly savings. Most times, I can't seem to get there but the intentional exercise is the point, not the actual cost-savings.

This month is easy as I'm cutting out a big service that no longer is necessary for our now-small-er-ish operation (we were, at one time, 19 folks!):

So, I want to pose this CHALLENGE to our amazing IH community:

How much money can you save your business next month?!

Let us know what services you're replacing or getting rid of! I'd love to know what alternatives you've chosen, etc!


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    Really cool challenge John! If anyone is willing to switch from using Slack, Trello, and Zoom to, I will make their pro accounts free for life.

    How is that for saving money!

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      whoa! what an offer! upvoted!

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        An idea! We could make a list of products and the respective Indi replacements (and related savings). A bit like small organic farms vs corporations.

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          I love this idea!

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            Great, we could start with a spreadsheet. Maybe someone could actually turn it into a business by monetizing affiliate commissions of users switching to indie products.

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              let's see if someone does!

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    One of the easiest things I did to save was to switch to GitHub free, and consolidate lots of Digital Ocean droplets using Terraform. Don't need to manage as many snowflake instances anymore.

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      sweet! taking a look.

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    This month it's an easy one... Ahrefs. I don't need it every single month because I tend to do SEO maintenance/campaigns intermittenly. That's a $99/mo charge that just isn't necessary more than a few months per year.

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      I hear you. I think that's true for similar other marketing & SEO tools too. SEMRush, sure.

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      yo. save that money!

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    For personal and small business use an excellent place to start is

    I've used it to visualize my spending, and there were a lot of subscriptions I wasn't using anymore. The yearly roll-up view is helpful because it lets you see how much you are spending instead of the drip-drip of monthly pricing.

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      i'm digging that.

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    I've clearly gone first:

    I'm removing Dropbox Business and saving my business $450 per year (~$37.50 per month)!

    I'm not replacing it with anything and instead using my current (personal) Dropbox account for files.

    Worth noting: At the right time I can see myself moving back to this service.

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    i wanted to close the loop here on this...

    i wrote a much larger post on this:

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