Community for College/Early Career People interested in Indie Hacking/Writing

As a current student myself, I am very interested in getting more involved with the Indie Hacker or Indie Writer space, but find it hard to find people my age with similar interests who are also just starting out in their career.

If you are a current student or early in your career and would like to join a community like this for support, accountability, and to generally share learnings, please respond with your Telegram username!

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    Hey @vivi_8991, I'm a CS Sophomore and I've been thinking lately on how to take challenge and learn in public. I would love to join in a community where i feel accountable. Here's my telegram handle - algokun

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    Hi Vadini, very interesting, are you building a community? Or do you plan to start?. I'm building an educational web to host tools and resources for college students, a place where the students can share knowledge and experience, if you are building something specifically, I would like to know.

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      Hi! So sorry I just saw this. I've unfortunately moved away from this project but would be happy to help consult if you are building something related to this!

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        Sorry for the question, why aren't you working more on the project? Didn't work?

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