Community O' Clock

24 hrs a day, 7 days in a week, 30 days in a month and 365 days in a year, time just flies by as we keep talking. But, what matters is quality conversations with people who think or do things just like you do. And by that, your community of people takes most of your time in a day, week, month or a year.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we associate ourselves with a group of people. It can be of interest, place we come from or food we eat, etc. Every hour happens to be "Community O' Clock" for us.

9 AM to 5 PM: Time to work with Community of Professionals
6 PM to 9 PM: Time to talk to your friends on WhatsApp Groups / Participate in conversation with your people (Family).

It is hard for any human to disassociate themselves from their closed or wide network of people. As we said, every hour goes past community, here is something that your Community Clock signifies.

Community O' Clock Represents

1 purpose
2 sided Conversations
3 important stakeholders
4 C's of Community Content, Communication, Commitment, Collaboration
5 reasons to join community
6 types or hierarchy of users
7 day based content structure
8 directional (8D) approach to activate/ reactivate users
9 features to make Community on-boarding, Engagement and management easier
10 top contributors weekly
11 ways to engage / synergise with community users
12 types of discussions that happen in community

Does it ring a bell?

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