Community Building February 26, 2020

Community platforms: Insided, Mobilize etc.


Hey folks, we're looking at a community management platform at my current work. Insided, Mobilize and Discourse were our top 3 choices. Is anyone working on something similar? Have any opinions or experience with these platforms?


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    We're working on something but we're not very far along (in terms of development), so, I'd definitely look somewhere else. I've used Discourse with great effect to help bootstrap my company to start! you can see the implementation here:

    it's pretty-much vanilla out of the box but it serves it's purpose and hosts nearly 17k folks. we get a few signups a day, but, i've pivoted the company / project away from #defi so it's a bit on life-support (i have no plans on shutting it down anytime soon as the OG community is there and i'm grateful for their help getting me and my team to where we are today!).

    But, discourse isn't "community management"... so, i have to ask... what do you actually want to accomplish? grow a forum (discourse) or manage an existing community (data/metrics/reporting)?