Landing Page Feedback January 13, 2021

Compare my V1 to my V5. And then give me feedback so I can make V6!

Matt Brooks @IncognitoSlack

My website is for the Slack app I just launched for anonymous feedback and polls.

I've received some great feedback from here, Pioneer, as well as from my friends and family.

V1 -

V5 (current) -

Thanks!! 😄

The value of the Slack app is immediately clear
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    I love how clear your landing page is! The example helped to understand the product.
    The logo is too complicated. I would be happy to help you create a new logo if you are interested!

    1. 1

      Thank you!

      I agree the logo is complicated, but I kind of like it like that. It fits really well in the Slack app itself and conveys the meaning.

      What did you have in mind for a new logo?

      1. 1

        Something more iconic, simple and characteristic. I put together a rough draft: What do you think?

        1. 1

          I love the font (can you share which font it is?) but I think I like my illustration better. Yours is cleaner/simple but I think it's a bit too similar to Whats app or the messenger icon.

          1. 2

            I'm glad you like the font! It's Montserrat Bold & Semibold. There are always similarities in logos (see Paypal & Pandora / Carrier & Ford), but you are not in the same market as Whatsapp or Messenger, so I see no problem with it.

            I hope I could help!

            1. 2

              Check out my site again, I remixed my logo with some inspiration from your design! And I'm using the font in a few places which I think works really well with the font I was using before. Let me know what you think!

              1. 1

                I checked out your updated site and I think it's great! The logo is much more simple but still very characteristic, and the typography balances it out nicely. Well done!

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    Your h2 is better than your h1, in my opinion and your use-case section is much much better (useful to see how it fits in my company) than features (they're just little utility thingies) with colorful backgrounds, I would move that use case section higher up!

    One more thing, incognito in my mind is not a positive thing, it reminds me of "I don't want someone to know what I am gonna do next" a better word imho would be private , but too late for that now...

    1. 1

      Fantastic feedback, I made the changes you suggested, check it out!

      Quick question, do you think the font-size and spacing are good on mobile? Everything kind of seems large to me, but that does make it easy to read.

      1. 1

        Ok now, the last few things to do are:

        • Explain how the set up works in Slack somewhere on a sub-page
        • Explain how it maintains the anonymity and security of the feedback so no one can hack into it and leak it for example
        • Create an about page for whoever is building this, I don't randomly trust a 3rd party to just join my work slack and hold all my potential "downfalls".
        1. 1

          Good points! I'll definitely build a setup page as well as an about page. For the anonymity and security do you think those questions are answered well in the current FAQ?

          1. 1

            yes they are but I hand't noticed until you just pointed it out

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    This is actually an incredible idea! I can see myself using this, and it all seems so clear and well made.

  4. 2

    The value of Slack app is clear. I have now questions here. (Disclaimer. I have used Slack at my job)
    V5 is more colorful and have a good emphasis on different sections of the page (features, price)
    I would be like to read how to install your slack app (I haven't done this before)

    1. 1

      Thanks for your feedback!

      I used to have a bit of info on how to install but it's literally just clicking the "Add to Slack" button now. The Bot does the rest!

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    Big caveat: I'm not a native speaker.

    Did you consider to start with a question like: "Does your team has a space to share anonymous feedback?"

    I wonder if anonymous feedback is the best expression. It gives me a negative feeling: "You boss are not able to talk to your people, and make them uncomfortable".

    Did (potential) customers use that phrasing?

    1. 2

      Hmm, interesting, starting with a question. I'll think about it!

      You're right, anonymous feedback does seem a big negative, but I'm not sure what other wording I can use? The point is that some people aren't comfortable giving CEOs or founders honest feedback because of the power dynamic. So anonymous feedback is the solution.

      1. 2

        If the CEO is aware of this problem, highlight it.

        Something like: "Do you crave for honest feedback from your team?"

        1. 2

          Interesting take, good suggestion, I'll think about it! The thing is I'd have to change my sub header to "anonymous feedback and polls in Slack" to make it clear what the offering is.

      2. 2

        I was thinking about "Safe Space" as an alternative to anonymous.

        Maybe a bit cheesy, but less negative.

        1. 2

          Less negative but I think more vague. Safe space doesn't necessarily mean anonymous.

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    First, thank you so much for your feedback. I went to your page and I have a few comments.

    1. I got what your product was immediately, and I think it's a really cool business idea.
    2. I don't really like the logo. It's too literal. I'd focus on what emotion you're trying to create in the mind of the customer. Probably greater confidence in what's going on in the team?
    3. "Collect your team's true thoughts" is nice, but I'd prefer something like "Know what your team is REALLY thinking" or "Know how your team is REALLY feeling"
    4. Your slack logo is blurry.
    5. I would make the pricing block wider and not as tall.
    6. I would make your email clickable, and also have opportunities to contact you on social media.

    There you go! Good luck with your project!


    1. 1

      Thanks a lot! Good suggestions!

      1. great!
      2. okay noted. I think the logo really works inside of Slack but it's true it's super literal
      3. great idea, added
      4. I got it from Slack themselves... : / looks good on my screen? What's your resolution?
      5. cool, done
      6. I hate mailto, tbh, but you're right I should add social media
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