Complete redesign of the Jonga landing page after all the feedback

I went back to the drawing board with Jonga and rebuilt the landing page from scratch. I changed platforms too so that I could accelerate iterations on the design instead of battling with code to get it to look right.

Its still a work in progress but I wanted to get some feedback ASAP. You can view the live site https://www.jongaproperty.com/

The new design:

The old design:

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    brother, in my case I would say I love the old design

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      Thanks for the feedback!

      Much appreciated :)

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    Just had a quick look. Like how you're constantly improving things. 👍

    For the headline, I'd try to avoid the "without …" wording. I'd much rather know about features you have instead of things you don't have.

    A more positive wording would be "House hunting for couples, eliminating the admin". That way you tell me about a positive thing you do (eliminating admin), not that you don't have something (admin).

    Alternatives would be wordings like "dead-simple" or "effortless". I also like "Admin-free house hunting for couples".

    Apart from the headline, I don't really understand what advantages you offer specifically for couples. Can I link my account to my partner's and share our most interesting finds with each other? Are there any other things that you do better for couples than other sites? I didn't find this info.

    1. 2

      Thanks, thats some really actionable advice :)

      I really like the feel of "Effortless house hunting for couples". I also think a quick how Jonga works section will help clarify some of the uncertainty.

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      I've made some amendments if you have time to have a look.

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        Looks a lot nicer already. I like how you're making progress! 👍

        In my opinion, the intro section contains too much information on too little space:

        • Logo
        • Headline
        • Subheadline
        • Email capture form
        • Screenshot

        I'm unsure what to look at first.

        The other sections below also feel too heavy. Too much text on very little space. Especially the "How Jonga works" section but also the ones above and below.

        I'd also focus even more on the collaboration features for couples. What do they look like? How do they work? If I'm a couple, I'm going to be interested in this information.

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          Thanks! Will review and action :)

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            You're welcome! :)

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