April 14, 2019

Computer Switch Up?

Lindsay Saewitz @lindsay_bizamo

Hey ya'll! I just transitioned from freelance to a new full-time gig (Yay! I'm excited for reals) and they gave me a new Macbook. I have a personal Macbook Air that I bought in 2017 but it kind of seems like a waste to have two Macbooks lying around since I'll always have my work one with me (I'm remote).

But - I know I'm not supposed to work on side projects on "company equipment", so I think it makes sense still have a personal computer.

The trade in value for the Macbook Air is about $500 I think. Should I just keep it or cash in and get a cheapo Chromebook or something to keep around the house? My only needs are really email and clean Wordpress/Elementor interface.

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    I use a 5 year old MacBook Pro to keep things seperate from my work computer. Biggest reason is legal, there is a lot less grey area building something of my own on my own equipment (including any due diligence that could happen down the track during a sale)

    Second reason is this computer only has my personal work on it, so I can literally leave a text editor and the rest of the state for a project ready for me to come back to

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    I find that the productivity hit of trying to code on anything other than mac os x is not worth it. I'm so used to how the operating system works that I wouldn't do that but I think this is likely a "to each their own" kind of thing.

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