Considering Stripe Atlas... but I want to use Paddle

Dilemma: Knowing that I will be staying in the States a couple years more, I consider creating an LLC for one of my projects... turning it into a real business.

Stripe Atlas still seems to have most advantages, but dealing with members all over the world, I am more than happy to pay the extra costs for Paddle to deal with the tax handling and filing.

Do people switch away from Stripe after setting up shop? Is that even possible?
Pros / Cons to take into account?

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    Stripe Atlas is nice if you absolutely need to file a Delaware LLC and are OK with paying any extra foreign LLC filing and annual report costs to your home state as well.

    In my case as a single member bootstrapped company that's not raising money or bringing on partners yet, there didn't seem to be many benefits to a Delaware LLC at this point, and I would still end up paying $500 in fees just to register again as a foreign LLC in my home state on top of the Atlas Delaware registration, then another $500 / year annual fee. I just ended up forming an LLC in my home state through the state website.

    I did ended up switching from Stripe to Paddle and have no regrets so far. Wasn't too painful, but if you have a choice to just start out on Paddle I would recommend it.

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      Appreciate the answer.

      Living in DC without really knowing where I would be in the coming years, I actually have already set up 1 LLC in Delaware, through the normal route.
      Listening to different sources, it seems something to consider to set up a separate LLC (although not necessary in the beginning) for a standalone project, especially if you have the intention to sell it later on. This is one of the reasons I am exploring this approach.

      The other reason is mostly that it seems a well-oiled process where the need for expensive additional time of lawyers is taken out of the equation.

      Still some research to do, will document at some point which path I walk.

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