Constructing an Idea; Your Criteria?

Guys, through the course of constructing or prioritizing ideas, how do you weight different criteria?!

  • impact of idea, what problem are you solving
  • how fast it potentially find initial user cluster
  • its fun level
  • technical complexity
  • how fast it potentially find first paying costumer
  • or any other criteria
  1. 1

    Time to MVP
    Value produced
    Love of the customer group

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      @hatkyinc Thanks, Value produced?! can you open it up a bit!?
      and what do you mean by love of the customer group ?! You mean how much they are in favor of the idea?!/are they willing to pay for it!?

      1. 2

        How much do you love to interact with the potential user group, you are kinda marrying to that group, if you have to converse with them many times a day for the next 7 years, would you be a happy camper?

        Value is hard at times, if it's B2B for example it's commonly easy to quantify, how much of expense are you saving them or how much potential are you adding to Thier revenues
        Monotisation would be a fraction of that and sometimes is more known like book prices won't change much...

        If it's far from that try to drastically under estimate, if your just entertainment you might be valued at 0.01$/1000 views only

        If you change someone's life, you might still only be able to charge only an hour consultant fee

        Maybe better think if how much they would pay for it not to be taken away provided they already had it for free beforehand

        1. 1

          Thanks for your explanation. Well said marrying to the customer group :)
          It is something that I tend to forget.

          1. 1

            Be in a bad marriage once and you won't ;)

            Jokes aside, think of the business as you helping a friend/friends solve a problem/challenge or at least improve their life in some way, but the focus is on the friend and his life, not your thingy

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