Landing Page Feedback October 15, 2020

Constructive Criticism Please!


My MVP is ready, I'm just very apprehensive about my site. I spent all of my time on the machine learning model, but know very little about UX design. I would appreciate any constructive criticism to help me improve my landing page.

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    all the best!

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    Aww man, is it already ski season in CO? It's 90 degrees today in the BA...

    So I would say the most important thing for your case is to present the data in a way that's easily digestible by the common ski enthusiast. Overall, this means going away from graphs and numbers.

    Traffic forecast:

    • does pain level equate increased traffic? As a driver I can relate to a scale that would be say 10 = fluid traffic, going at maximum speed and 1 = bumper to bumper, haven't moved in 20 minutes.
    • visually the bar chart is the most explicit to me: I understand that red means bad, and therefore Mon-Wed are better. You might also want to consider a green to red scale and remove the legend since it doesn't add anything.
    • on the other two line charts, I can also gauge that I'll have a much better time driving at midnight rather than 3pm. However I'm not sure how bad 3pm is. See comment about pain level definition; it'd be useful to have a single, easy to understand metric used everywhere
    • I would consider splitting EB and WB in two different graphs

    Current conditions:

    • that data is straightforward to understand. I would add spaces between words (Average Speed, Travel Time)
    • one thing that often trips me up when I go skiing is that I see the current travel time and think it's a good time to go. However what I often forget is that everyone thinks it's the right time to go, so the final travel time ends up doubling. Maybe you could add a "forecasted travel time if you leave now" to the table?

    Forecast details:

    • this one is a bit of a nightmare for the lay person. How about hiding as much of the raw data and graphs as possible, and linking them out under a title that says "Are you a data nerd? Find more info here"

    Thanks for putting this together! Definitely useful.

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      Awesome, thank you so much for the detailed feedback. It is much appreciated! I definitely understand the data nerd section lol :)

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    Looks simple and effective. Maybe the whole site can be centered align, also the font-size of chart labels can be increased for readability. You should also use consistent font across all pages.

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      Thanks, good feedback!

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    Looks good. I would recommend keeping a consistent header/hero image at the top of every page, not just the 'About' and 'Contact' pages. Also, the copy alignment should have a bit more consistency. It doesn't matter if you left or center align, so long as it stays consistent throughout your site. Good job!

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      Good feedback thanks! I'll add a consistent hero image.

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    I’d try putting bigger labels, like an H2 or H3 for the charts on the home page - especially on the phone you have to really look for what that chart is. Also, having a “last updated” time somewhere to help people realize this is current.
    “Have feedback” maybe belongs in the footer and I stead you should bring current conditions to the Home page.

    Good luck!

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      Good tips, thanks! I'll look at changing the headers and I like the idea of a last updated timestamp.

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