May 25, 2019

Consultation Services, Do You Do It Differently?

Mark @Skurt

Marketing. There is a way to market products, SaaS, etc. But when it comes to consultation services, you're more or less selling yourself, based on your experience, history, etc etc.

What are some epic growth hacking tools, tips, that you like to do to reach out to new clients who've never heard of you, etc?

What's some tricks on how you convert from a window shopper, to just buying say something that's less than $30?


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    There is a longer marketing funnel for consulting services, just because you do have to do the work of establishing credibility and selling yourself. HOWEVER, I think a lot of the ways you do that are the same: providing value first.

    I'd suggest doing this in the form of a free download (lead generation) on a topic that's a pain point to show that a) you know what you're doing, and b) you can provide help that is incredibly valuable. If this download is so good, what will the paid services look like? Then you can continue to provide value through newsletters, etc. Keep creating opportunities for the "micro-yes" throughout the user experience, and then ultimately your consulting services should be the natural outcome of following along through the funnel.